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October 14, 2020by admin0
Computer Login Screen and phone used for multi factor authentication
Computer Login Screen and phone used for multi factor authentication

Would you leave your car and house unlocked at night, inviting opportunists, thieves, and possibly even worse to vandalise your property, steal your valuables, and maybe even hurt your loved ones? That was a rhetorical question, because if you said yes then you won’t find this post relevant to you.

The idea of privacy seems like a strange concept in the modern world. Every time you turn on your computer, tablet, or smartphone you leave a digital footprint, which tracks your location and what websites you accessed. This is bad news for you if you are someone who values privacy, as the moment you log online you are opening yourself up to being tracked by hackers, thieves, and assorted weirdos. What’s even scarier, is that they are often able to do it in secret, meaning that you have no idea that they are seeing what you see, hearing what you hear, and gaining access to personal documents such as work files, social media, and maybe even bank details! Does this sound frightening to you? Good, that means this post has successfully conveyed the severity of this issue.

However, by simply acknowledging the potential risks we face online, and then taking steps to protect ourselves against them, we are significantly increasing our chances of remaining safe against online threats. By installing a two-factor authentication process on your accounts you are taking active steps to protect your privacy, your data, and yourself against any number of potential online threats, some of which you may not even be aware of. It adds an extra layer of safety between you and these risks, and while it doesn’t guarantee your safety, it gives you better odds than if you didn’t install it at all.

Please enable it on all your social media accounts, your LinkedIn account, your work profiles, and on everything else that you can.

Without a two-factor authentication log in, hackers have a stronger chance of gaining access to your email accounts, your work files, and even personal things, such as your social media accounts. Would you like some creep you have never met looking at your treasured family photos? I wouldn’t either! As the saying goes, it is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it. With all the cyber threats out there, I’m pretty sure you need it, so please download it today!

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