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Protecting people, business, environment, and data to help business face the future with peace of mind.

Process efficiency in every area with the use of digital technologies and data analytics, along with compliance adherence, is the heart of any modern business’s growth strategy. Through partnering with us, we ensure that it always will be.

We blend the right knowledge with experienced professionals. We apply game-changing thought processes in every stage of our engagement with an addiction to improvement. We take a customer-centric approach with ethics, and trust is a core ingredient in our assignments.

Together, we achieve a culture of compliance and a growth mindset.

Customer Centric

Our services are linked to our customer vision and drive for efficiency. We believe in creating customers for life.



We believe in adhering to the highest standard of integrity and ethics in our work.



We are committed to a focus on quality work, effective communication in our projects, and ongoing commitment to learning and development.

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Feedback From Our Customers

Audiometric Testing

“Anitech has always looked after our business, and it’s been a pleasure working with your business.”

HSQ & Continuous Improvement Manager
Occ hygiene & Management Services

“Anitech always provides knowledge and experience in occupational hygiene services. We also use Anitech’s expertise and service in auditing management systems, the auditors are knowledgeable and provide great reports. The work is value add and assist us with compliance and continual improvements to our system.”

Environment safety lead
Technology Services

“As we approach our third year of partnership with Anitech on Information Security, Anitech did an excellent job. The Anitech team, especially during the Internal Audit of our ISMS, asked the necessary deep questions to ensure we were well-prepared for our subsequent external audit.”

Chief Information Security Officer
Management Systems

“We engaged Anitech for a regular internal audit of our processes in line with ISO9001, and the Anitech team who undertook the work was prepared, on-time, asked the right questions and produced a report within agreed timeline.”

Manufacturing Operations Manager

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What is involved in the HACCP Development and Certification process? 

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