5 Key Highlights of Upcoming Live Webinar on ‘Information Security Rules for Overseas Travel’ 

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With just a few days left for Anitech’s upcoming Live Webinar on ‘Information Security Rules for Overseas Travel,’ we can’t wait to have you guys benefit from the informative workshop.

 Presenters – Prashant Sharma and Sharen Oliver ISMS Consultants, Anitech

Venue: Microsoft Teams; register here – https://bit.ly/3Fa6XJW

Here are the 5 key highlights of the upcoming Live Webinar:

1) Information Security Rules 

We all complete the airport security checks before boarding a flight, but what about the information security rules in place? Furthermore, most of us aren’t aware of the information security rules followed in other countries, which is essential to be known when travelling to one.

But, having registered for Anitech’s Live Webinar, you have taken the first step towards being aware of the legal rules in practice for information security, which can help in securing your devices and data.

2) Network Security

Are you aware of the data networks available in other countries and which one to connect to?

Well, you guys will be like, “why do we need to, as we have Wi-Fi connections everywhere?”

But that’s the catch! Do you know Wi-Fi networks are one of the biggest sources of cyberattacks, especially the ones with no password?

Yes, you heard it right! Furthermore, there are rogue Wi-Fi’s that look like legitimate Wi-Fi but are created by hackers to trap victims into connecting to them.

There is a way to secure your data from cybercriminals and safely use Wi-Fi available at the airport as well as at hotels and other public places when travelling overseas.

You will learn about it in the Webinar. 

3) Device Security

Your devices with a lack of security shields, software updates, etc., also can invite cyberattacks.

You will learn about the precautions you can take to secure your devices from any intrusion.

4) Phishing and its types

E-mail phishing and SMS phishing are one of common sources of cyberattacks and data breaches. These content pieces are designed to seem like legitimate offers by hackers, and many fall into the trap of clicking on the links.

In our Webinar, our consultants will introduce you to different phishing methods used by cybercriminals and how to identify spam messages and e-mails.

5) Multi-factor Authentication 

With remote and hybrid work formats, many employees have access to shared workplace resources.

An employee with a lack of cybersecurity awareness is the soft target of cybercriminals, as it is easy to hack their systems and get access to the entire company’s data.

Hence, multi-factor authentication is essential to prevent the hacking of any weak passwords.

In our upcoming Webinar, our presenters will talk about multi-factor authentication and how to secure login activity.

Besides, there are bonus discounts on our consulting services and a special free bonus for all the participants.

So, hurry up and register now!!

Slots are about to get over!!

You can also invite your friends and colleagues to the Webinar; register here – https://bit.ly/3Fa6XJW.


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