5 Reasons to attend Anitech’s upcoming Webinar on ‘Changes to ISO 27001: 2022’

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As Anitech gears for its upcoming live webinar on ‘Changes to ISO 27001: 2022’, here are the 5 reasons why Australian business owners and I.T. professionals should attend this free seminar.

1) Changes to ISO 27002: 2022 and the reason behind it

Since its announcement, the changes to ISO 27001: 2022 grabbed a lot of attention and discussion on what made ISO make this change. In our live webinar, our consultants Prashant Sharma and Sharen Oliver will help you understand why this change is important for organisations in Australia.

2) An industry-level description of the new controls

Another advantage of attending the upcoming webinar is the industry-level description of the new controls introduced and how they can help in securing management systems.

3) Simplified explanation of the Changes to ISO 27001: 2022

It is known to all that the ISO 27001: 2022 changes are important but difficult to understand. Hence, organisations seek the help of ISMS consultants experts in simplifying them for you. But what if you get this advice before paying for it?

Yes, you heard it right. In Anitech’s upcoming webinar, our experienced consultants Prashant Sharma and Sharen Oliver will help you understand the recent changes to ISO 27001: 2022 in a very simplified manner. Now, that’s an investment of time you won’t regret opting for.

So, Hurry up and Register now.

4) Information Security controls on securing cloud networks

The introduction of the new Information Security controls is one of the most important changes introduced in ISO 27001: 2022, and our consultants will help you with how these security controls can help your organisation in the securing of cloud networks.

We all know that with remote and hybrid work formats gaining popularity since the Covid-19 lockdown, many big and small organisations in Australia and the world are actively utilising cloud solutions rather than depending on expensive, and strict on-site infrastructure.

Although cloud computing has transformed Companies and made work easy to access from any part of the world, it has also increased cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are targeting cloud systems and hence it is important to secure them.

5) Benefits of Changes to ISO 27001: 2022

Now, you could have googled the benefits of the Changes to ISO 27001: 2022 and got a list of sites talking about it. But what if you learn about these benefits from ISMS experts and how your business can flourish with its appropriate use? Doesn’t it sound interesting as your getting this knowledge exclusively for free in our upcoming live webinar?

Furthermore, all your queries will be answered in our Q and A session towards the end of the webinar.

So, if you haven’t registered yet, we hope these 5 reasons were able to convince you to take that step.

Hurry up, and register as the Webinar goes live on 9th December at 2:30 pm AEDT.

Click here to register and book your free seat.

Live Webinar Details

Event: Anitech’s Live Webinar on ‘Changes to ISO 27001: 2022’

Presenters: Prashant Sharma and Sharen Oliver, Anitech’s Experienced ISMS Consultants.

Date: 9th December 2022.

Timing: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm AEDT

Do share with colleagues and friends who want to know about the recent changes to ISO 27001: 2022.

Hurry up, as there are only 2 days left to go!

See you on 9th December.

You can ring us at 1300 802 163 or email info@anitechgroup.com.

Our team will be happy to help you!


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