Anitech Is Proud To Sponsor An Upcoming Workshop on Worksite Safety

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The Construction Material Processors Association (CMPA) is an industry body committed to supporting and representing Victorian Earth Resources Industry members, and is dedicated to promoting, supporting, and advocating for employees from any organisation that deals with construction material processing. Anitech is proud to work with the CMPA on a number of projects, and help raise awareness about safe construction site practices, what steps need to be taken to achieve regulatory compliance across a range of areas, and overall, help promote safer, more compliant, working conditions for business’ across Victoria. As such, Anitech is delighted to be a sponsor for an upcoming workshop for CMPA members, which aims to raise awareness about the role and responsibility many business’ have when attempting to control potential environmental risks that threaten the continuity of their operations.

It will be held on Thursday, the twenty-fifty of March, across most of the workday, from 8:00am – 4:00pm. It aims to help CMPA members understand their legal responsibilities when dealing with environmental threats across their worksites, ensuring that they have sufficient processes in place for controlling these risks, and that their workplace has a clear, structured plan in place to ensure a quick response to incidents, and to be able to control the possible impact and spread of a whole range of workplace environmental threats, including occupational dust exposure.

Julian Wandres, Anitech’s Occupational Hygiene specialist, will be a speaker at the workshop, and offer clear insight into how business’ can safely and compliantly control the spread of occupational dust exposure. He will outline some regulatory steps and guidelines about both the pro-active and reactive steps business’ should be taking to ensure their worksites stay safe and hazard-free, and that there are clear processes and controls in place for dealing with a slew of workplace environmental threats.

The workshop will demonstrate “how business’ can identify, assess and control dust hazards.” – Julian.

Let’s say your business operated a busy construction site in the materials processing industry. A worksite such as this runs the risk of staff being exposed to several environmental threats, including dust generation caused by environmental factors, and potential dust exposure. How would you effectively control these threats to ensure that employees are not exposed to dangerous levels of dust, and that there are clear, compliant processes in place for ensuring the worksite always remain safe? Without a clear, structured process in place, business’ risk overlooking a crucial aspect of the incident handling process, which could threaten the ability of their operations to perform at maximum efficiency. So, workshop attendees will participate in several group exercises in which they will go over some strategies for keeping workplaces safe, and the fundamentals of effective incident investigation.

Attendees will meet at Mt Duneed Estate, in Waurn Ponds, before travelling by coach for a site visit to Geelong’s Batesford Quarry. It aims to be an informative, educational day for all, and Anitech is pleased that Julian will be offering some practical insight into effective occupational hygiene strategies to ensure that worksites remain safe and compliant, and that potential environmental risks are quickly controlled.

If you are unable to attend this workshop, but would nevertheless like to know more about effective occupational hygiene strategies for keeping workplaces safe and compliant, then please give Anitech’s safety consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. By telling them about your workplace, including its work environment, potential exposure risks, and the number of staff typically onsite throughout the day, they will be able to discuss with you some effective strategies for keeping your workplace safe, and arrange for an onsite occupational hygiene audit of the premises. Doesn’t this sound like a great way to clean up?

Please click here to read more about the importance of strong occupational hygiene practices across a workplace.


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