Anitech’s March Webinar on ISO 45001 Will be Informative and Helpful

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Blurb: Business’ have both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that their OH&S practices meet their obligations. However, it can be challenging for business’ to develop an effective OH&S strategy, as there is always the risk of overlooking something. Anitech will be hosting a webinar on the 3rd of March about how business’ can effectively manage their work health and safety responsibilities through the implementation of the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards. By attending this webinar, you will come to understand the benefits these standards offer organisations, and how they can help business’ develop effective strategies for meeting their OH&S obligations.

Effective work health and safety practices is an extremely important issues for business’ right now, with many companies concerned about issues such as whether their OH&S practices are meeting industry compliance, how they can develop a safe, supportive culture for staff, and whether they are overlooking any potential issues that may lead to a problem later. Ensuring that their OH&S practices meet workplace legislation is a responsibility all companies have, and achieving this feat is greatly simplified through the help of an OH&S Management System. This can bring structure, cohesion, and a step-by-step approach to meeting OH&S requirements, and through its implementation, companies significantly improve their OH&S procedures, and demonstrate a commitment to high quality practices.

To help business’ with this process, Anitech will be hosting a webinar on this topic, on the 3rd of March at 11am Victorian time. Titled How business’ can get the edge by implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards, the webinar will discuss the benefits that business’ can get from implementing these standards, what they can expect throughout the implementation process, and how these standards will help them achieve their OH&S goals. It will also discuss the migration process for organisations already certified to one of the older OH&S Standards, what they can expect from the migration process, and how these standards distinguish themselves from the previous ones.

Two of Anitech’s OH&S specialists will be speaking at the webinar, and they will explain in detail the benefits the ISO 45001:2018 Standards offer organisations, such as how it helps companies adopt a pre-emptive approach to OH&S management, by conducting periodic audits of their business processes, to identify potential OH&S risks, and then take preventative measures to ensure that the threat is mitigated before it can impact operations.

The webinar is scheduled to run for one hour, with the first fifty minutes being a discussion from these two specialists about issues pertaining to the implementation or migration of these standards, and what benefits they bring to business’, including:

  • What is required of business’ when they make the decision to implement these standards across their organisation. This includes an explanation of how they will be required to audit their existing OH&S practices against the standards, to identify inefficiencies, potential weak points, and other areas that need to be addressed. They are then required to develop a clear action plan outlining what steps will be taken to ensure that their processes meet the high-quality standards.
  • What business’ already certified to one of the older OH&S Standards, either OHSAS 18001 or AS/NZS 4801, need to do to successfully migrate to the new standards. This includes conducting a gap analysis of their existing processes to understand which of their existing OH&S practices meet the requirements of the ISO 45001 Standards, and which do not. The business is then required to take steps to ensure that all their practices come to meet the requirements outlined in the ISO 45001 Standards. The specialists will also explain about the deadline that business’ are required to migrate to these standards by.
  • A discussion of the many benefits the ISO 45001 Standards can offer business’. This includes how the standards adopt a risk prevention approach to OH&S management, which means they work at developing high-quality safety practices across the workplace to prevent OH&S issues from occurring in the first place. Further, the new Standards have additional clauses included to help support the mental wellbeing of staff, in additional to their physical safety. As the past year has been a very stressful ones for business’, actively supporting the mental wellbeing of staff is highly beneficial. It is also compatible with other existing ISO Standards, including Quality Management and Environmental Management, as it adopts the new high-level structure with common text, definitions, and terms that the other standards have, ensuring cross-compatibility between them, and ease of implementation.
  • A discussion of how the standards can help business’ with a digital transformation of their health and safety practices and recommended practices in utilisation of software. This will help them better promote work health and safety by taking advantage of digital platforms to reduce physical contact points. In turn, this will help develop an OH&S compliant workplace, that utilises digital platforms to both promote workplace health and safety, and streamline their services.

You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered

Following this discussion, there will be a ten-minute Q&A session, in which attendees can ask the speakers questions about anything raised in the webinar, how the standards may pertain to their own business, how business’ have overcome some of the challenges relating to their implementation, and so on. This will give people the chance to have their queries addressed to ensure that everyone leaves the webinar with a clearer understanding of these standards and the benefits they can bring to business’, and what they can expect from the implementation process.

To register your attendance to this webinar, please click here Webinar Registration – Zoom. However, if you would like to get ahead of the crowd when it comes to implementing these standards across your organisation, and demonstrating a commitment to high-safety standards, then please give Anitech’s safety consultants a call today on 1300 802 163, for a short, free consultation. All you need to do is tell them about your business and some of the OH&S challenges it is facing, and they will be able to explain to you how these standards could be implemented across your organisation to strengthen its processes, meet high safety standards, and achieve regulatory compliance. Doesn’t that sound like a safe business strategy?

Please click here to read more about how the ISO 45001 Standards can help business’ achieve their goals.


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