Anitech’s Upcoming Webinar: Information Security Rules for Overseas Travel

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With employees and management of various Australian businesses facing information security issues when travelling abroad, Anitech is here to help. Our upcoming Live Webinar on – ‘Information Security Rules for Overseas Travel’ will address the various information security issues employees face when in another land.

With growing information security and cyber security threats, it has become mandatory to safeguard sensitive data, especially when travelling overseas. It is crucial for both employees and higher authority individuals to safeguard their devices and prevent any data breach when in a different nation.

To be presented by Anitech’s ISMS Consultant Prashant Sharma, the Webinar aims to educate professionals about how their mobile devices, laptops, iPods, tabs etc., can be compromised while travelling overseas and what measures they should take in such a situation.

The one-hour Webinar will also cover other important topics like how to secure your portable devices, encryption, and MFAs, OS mitigation mechanisms, user-reliant risk management controls etc.

Towards the end, there will be a special bonus for all participating members.

Besides, this educational session is completely free. Now that’s an opportunity you should surely not miss!

So, what are you waiting for? Take this opportunity to educate your top management and staff on how to handle and prevent information security threats when travelling overseas.

Who Shall Attend the Webinar?

  1. Business owners and top management authorities who are frequent overseas flyers.
  2. Working professionals who want to learn how to secure their Company data when in another country.

Webinar Details:

Anitech Presents Live Webinar on – Information Security Rules for Overseas Travel

Presenter: Prashant Sharma – Information Security Consultant, Anitech

Date: 11-November-2022

Time: 02:30 PM ADET

Venue: Online

Duration: 1 Hour

Price: Free

Our team shall communicate further details of the Webinar once you have registered for it.

To register, feel free to reach out to us on 1300 802 163 or email us at info@anitechgroup.com or click here to register.

Hurry up, as the seats are limited!


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