Desk Dividers Create Dedicated Working Spaces

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With many employees across the country still working from home, now is the perfect time for companies to ensure their offices promote a productive and supportive work environment, so that when the time comes for staff to return to onsite working the transition can be done quickly and easily. One way for companies to get on top of this is by implementing effective ergonomic strategies across their worksites, to ensure they are safe and comfortable for all employees, are conducive to productivity, and help all staff to work without distraction. By installing desk dividers throughout your workplace, you are providing staff with a sense of comfort and personal space, allowing for social distancing practices, and minimising noise distractions. This article will explain some of the central benefits of installing desk dividers throughout an office, and how they help business’ develop a safe, productive work environment for all staff.

Office dividers clearly define individual workspaces

Many desk dividers are specially designed for easy flexibility, as they include clamps that can easily fasten them to any desk. They work at clearly defining individual staff workspaces, by providing an all-in-one physical, sight, and sound barrier between workstations. This works at improving productivity, as staff will have an immediate sense of personal space, in which they can work without outside distractions. Further, desk dividers act as a physical barrier between both workstations and staff, meaning they help promote social distancing. As many staff may be hesitant about returning to onsite work, desk dividers are a cheap, simple, and effective method of demonstrating to staff that they will be safe at their workstation.

There are other advantages to installing desk dividers across your office, including:

  • Improved workspace functionality: Desk dividers are pinnable on both sides, meaning that important work memos and information can easily be pinned into eye-line sight to ensure you remember it. This also allows staff to personalise their individual workstations by pinning personal photos to the dividers, which can make them feel at ease, and thus increase productivity.
  • Availability in a range of sizes and styles: Desk dividers do not have to be a one-size-fits-all deal, as they are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles. This means that they can help personalise your office, giving it a distinctive aesthetic, while also serving the practical use of physically dividing areas, and promoting social distancing and productivity.
  • Help promote both physical and mental wellbeing: With the pandemic still impacting workplaces across the country, many people are not only worried about their physical health but also their mental wellbeing, as the pandemic has led to increased uncertainty and stress. By installing desk dividers across a workplace, companies are not only showing that they are supportive of social distancing requirements, but that they recognise that staff need to feel safe and supported while at work and have taken steps to give them a sense of privacy and personal space.

Through effective office ergonomics companies are committing to efficiency

Although installing desk dividers throughout your office will help your business achieve several goals, it is just one aspect of the larger issue of effective office ergonomics. This addresses strategies for maximising employee comfort and productivity by designing the workplace to be efficient, safe, and comfortable.

It addresses issues such as maximising floor space, ensuring staff are seated in a safe sitting posture, providing employees with a sense of personal space, minimising physical risks such as backpain and neck strain, and so on. Office ergonomics helps companies realise their larger operational goals by reducing onsite risks, minimising downtime, and ensuring that the workplace is operating in the most efficient manner.

While installing desk dividers will help your company achieve some of its ergonomic goals, by undergoing a basic ergonomic assessment of the entire worksite your organisation will be able to understand the scope of ergonomic practices that could be implemented to help it achieve some of the above goals. This could include things such as providing staff with ergonomic chairs, installing freestanding acoustic partitions throughout the office to control noise, ensuring that all staff have access to safe, suitable office desks, eliminating tripping hazards, and so on.

Contact our ergonomic specialists for more information

If reading this article has encouraged you to learn more about how you can unite your office through desk dividers, then please contact our ergonomic specialists today by email at sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone on 1300 802 163. All you need to do is tell them about your workplace, including its size, how many staff are typically onsite throughout the workday, the desk arrangements, and so on, and they will be able to talk you through how desk dividers could be installed across your office to help it achieve the workplace goals discussed in this article.

Further, you can also discuss with them some of your larger office objectives, and they will be able to explain to you how effective office ergonomics can help you achieve them, and what strategies your business could be implementing to work towards these objectives. Doesn’t that sound like an idea worth pinning on a desk divider?

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