Four Reasons Why Ergonomic Accessories Improve Workplace Productivity

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Many business’ are currently struggling with the challenge of maintaining staff wellbeing, morale, and productivity in the current unstable workplace environment. Staff across Australia are experiencing a sense of uncertainty, as many companies now have their staff fully working from home, or in a highly modified workplace environment. One strategy for organisations looking to ease staff anxiety is to install a range of appropriate ergonomic accessories across staff workstations. Ergonomic workstations enhance both the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, reduce risk of injuries such as wrist and backpain and, by providing staff with a sense of comfort, work at increasing overall workplace efficiency. This article will discuss four key reasons why ergonomic workstations and accessories improve overall workplace productivity.

  1. Higher productivity and output quality

An important factors affecting staff performance is comfort; employees experiencing physical or mental discomfort will have a sense of anxiety throughout their workday, which can lead to a decrease in work performance. By providing staff with appropriate, comfortable ergonomic accessories their comfort level will significantly increase, meaning they can more easily focus on their work duties.

For example, an effective, comfortable ergonomic workstation is crucial to overall staff productivity, as a poorly designed one can lead to several problems, including poor seating posture and neck strain by having to constantly lean forward to properly view their monitor. By providing staff with ergonomic accessories, such as an arise deskalator sit stand worktable, staff will be in a more effective position to focus on their work. A deskalator worktable is a height adjustable ergonomic desktop accessory that easily sits on existing workstations. It provides staff with the full benefits of having a standing desk, at a fraction of the cost.

Desk monitors can be installed on top of them, immediately providing staff with an adjustable height screen to work from, which can be tailored to their individual requirements. Quick and easy to install, it offers immediate ergonomic benefits to staff.

  1. Healthier, happier staff

One of the key advantages of ergonomic furniture and accessories is that they can be tailored to individual staff requirements. Taller staff may prefer a higher desk because it allows them to work without feeling cramped, while other staff may prefer a smaller desk. Ergonomic equipment can be tailored to the needs of all staff members, and thus contributes to a healthier, happier workplace, where employees can work in the most comfortable position.

For example, by providing staff with height adjustable electric desks, employees can adjust the height of their individual workstations to ensure that they can work in a manner that suits them. Further, electric desks cater to both sitting and standing requirements, and can be switched between them at a button’s press. By providing staff with height adjustable electric desks, you are not only allowing staff to work in a manner fitting their individual needs, but your business is also demonstrating a commitment to healthy staff, as these desks are built exceptionally sturdily, with no wobbling. This means that employees can fully focus on their work duties, as their ergonomic workstation is tailored to comfort and productivity.

  1. A good reputation as a safe, supportive employer

A single workplace accident can significantly impact a business’ reputation as a good employer and company to work with. Both staff and customers want an assurance that an organisation takes the issue of staff comfort and safety seriously, and is providing employees with a work environment that promotes their physical and mental wellbeing. By providing staff with appropriate ergonomic workstations and accessories, business’ are demonstrating that they are a reputable, caring employer. In a competitive marketplace this can help distinguish a company from its competitors.

For example, by providing staff with a supergel mousepad, companies are demonstrating an awareness of the potential health risks associated with working behind a desk for prolonged periods, such as repetitive strain injury, and are addressing this issue by allocating staff appropriate ergonomic accessories. An ergonomic mousepad works at preventing slipping during use and providing comfortable wrist support. The use of a supergel mousepad over time will mean reduced staff pain and injuries, and a heightened awareness that your business is committed to staff comfort, thus improving its reputation.

  1. An overall reduction in expenses

One of the key benefits of appropriate ergonomic accessories is an overall reduction in operation costs. This is because the benefits they offer, such as increased productivity and reduced downtime, help companies to operate in a cost-effective, streamlined manner.

For example, by installing ergonomically friendly gel wrist rests for keyboards, business’ are providing staff with a constant sense of comfort as the risk of wrist strain, from constant typing, is heavily minimised. Gel wrist rests provide optimum support throughout the workday, meaning that staff comfort will be high across their entire shift, while working at their ergonomic workstation. This ergonomic accessory helps staff protect and support their wrists by ensuring they stay in an even, flat position whilst working, helping staff to maintain a comfortable neutral wrist position.

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It is apparent that by providing staff with appropriate ergonomic workstations and accessories their wellbeing is maximised, while discomfort is minimised. There is a wide range of office ergonomic equipment and accessories available to business’, all of which helps companies achieve different goals. From office dividers which help divide workplaces into different sections and promote social distancing, to acoustic partitions which help with noise control, through the effective use of office ergonomics companies can more easily attain their operational goals.

If reading this article has made you want to find out more about how your business can effectively utilise office ergonomic strategies, then please contact our ergonomic specialists today at sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone on 1300 802 163. Tell them about some of the goals your workplace is aiming to achieve, and some of the challenges it is experiencing, and they can discuss with you how the effective use of ergonomic furniture and accessories can help your company achieve these goals. Doesn’t that sound like something worth getting out of your chair for?

Please click here to learn more about how effective office ergonomics helps with overall business productivity.

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