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Have you ever come across a story in the media about a workplace injury or accident that occurred, which might have severely injured an employee? A sad thing about this is that, although the business may have employed high work health and safety practices for years, and only made a mistake on this one occasion, this one incident gained them a negative reputation as an unsafe employer. All it takes for an OH&S incident to severely threaten the reputation of an organisation is just a single occasion where procedures were not followed properly, or someone was unaware of their responsibilities in a particular situation. That is why when it comes to effective OH&S practices, business’ need to be one hundred percent committed to maintaining the highest occupational health and safety practices. After all, a single mistake can bring the reputation of the entire organisation into question.

Anitech is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, the third of March at 11am, on strategies to always develop and maintain the highest OH&S practices across an organisation, through the implementation of the internationally recognised ISO 45001 OH&S Standards. It is called How business’ can get the edge by implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards and it will feature practical insight, advice, and information from two of Anitech’s specialist consultants, Julian Wandres (Occupational Hygiene consultant) and Fadi Alzubaidi (Integrated Management Systems specialist).

Both consultants have extensive experience in helping business’ implement the ISO 45001 Standards across their organisation and helping organisations to better understand how the specific clauses can be best tailored to their operations, to help it achieve its larger business goals. For example, they will be able to explain how these standards can help business’ develop a safe, supportive, compliance work environment, which caters to both the physical and mental wellbeing requirements of employees. This is because the standards have a broad scope, and recognise that effective OH&S practices across an organisation needs to take a myriad of factors into consideration, including the implementation of preventative measures to ensure workplace hazards are mitigated, while also developing nurturing, supportive workplace practices, to safeguard against potential mental risks, including stress and burnout.

Got an OH&S question on your mind? Get it answered at this webinar

Further, Julian and Fadi understand that many business’ want to know how these standards can be specifically tailored to their organisation, to help them best achieve their OH&S goals. How a business should effectively develop and implement OH&S practices across its workplace will depend on several factors, including the size of the operations, its industry, work type, and a host of other factors.

Therefore, some organisations may be concerned that, for whatever reason, these standards do not apply to them, or that it would not be a worthwhile business strategy to work at implementing them. So, a short ten-to-fifteen-minute Q&A session will follow the webinar, in which attendees will have the opportunity to voice their own concerns to our specialists. You will be able to ask them any question related to the implementation, or migration, of the standards you can think of. Some frequently asked questions that business’ often have relate to whether the ISO 45001 Standards are compatible with other ISO Standards, what are the common challenges business’ face when implementing these standards, and how these standards distinguish themselves from the older OH&S standards, that are being phased out.

The webinar has a limited number of places, and it is filling up fast, so please RSVP your spot ASAP to ensure you do not miss out, by following this link Webinar Registration – Zoom.

However, if you are looking for a more one-on-one session with an OH&S specialist, regarding how these standards could be effectively applied across your organisation, then please give Anitech’s safety consultants a call today on 1300 802 163. Give them a brief rundown of your business, including its industry, size, and type, and they will be able to effectively explain to you how these standards could be implemented across your entire operations to help it achieve compliance, and develop a safe and supportive culture.

Please click here to read more about some of the benefits business’ stand to gain by attending our free webinar.


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