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Blurb: Many business’ are feeling overwhelmed right now when it comes to developing effective work health and safety practices, as staying on top of their regulatory obligations can seem like a challenging process. By attending Anitech’s free webinar, on the third of March, business’ will be provided with clear insight into how the implementation of the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards provides organisations with clear, simple strategies for staying on top of their obligations, and they will also have the opportunity to ask questions to Anitech’s IMS specialists. Please RSVP ASAP, as spots are quickly filling.

Business’ may have several work health and safety questions on their mind right now, such as: What are the benefits of implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System? How can I, as a small business owner, easily develop effective, compliant OH&S practices? My business has been struggling financially because of the pandemic, can I really afford to implement an OH&S Management System? These are just some of the frequently posed questions that Anitech’s Integrated Management Systems specialists commonly get asked, regarding the benefits of implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards. Anitech understands that it is a stressful time for business’ right now, and as such, organisations have a lot of questions about how they can effectively meet their OH&S obligations, in a straight-forward and simple manner.

That is why Anitech is hosting a free webinar on this topic, on Wednesday, the third of March, at 11am Victorian time. The webinar is titled How business’ can get the edge by implementing the ISO 45001 OH&S Standards, and it will offer practical insight, advice, problem-solving solutions and first-hand knowledge for business’ from all different industries, of all sizes and types, into how the implementation, or migration, of the internationally recognised ISO 45001:2018 Standards can help organisations stay competitive in a tough marketplace, and easily meet their work health and safety obligations.

It will be hosted by Anita Patturajan, director of Anitech, and feature two of Anitech’s specialists, Julian Wandres (Occupational Hygiene consultant) and Fadi Alzubaidi (Integrated Management Systems specialist), as the key speakers. All three of them will be able to offer informative, jargon-free insight into the scope of work health and safety challenges business’ are currently facing, and how by certifying to these standards, organisations will be able to develop methodical, proven successful strategies for not only meeting their work health and safety obligations, but developing a sufficient documentation process to act as evidence of the steps the business has taken to meet its obligations.

One of the key benefits of attending this webinar is that, at the end of the session, it will provide all attendees with the opportunity to ask specific OH&S questions to the two key speakers, who will be able to draw on their years of experience to provide attendees with an answer that addresses their query, and possibly even provides them with some suggestions about active steps they could be taking to stay top of their work health and safety obligations.

This is an opportunity to discuss what matters to your business

Anitech understands that every business is unique in some way and may have a distinctive operating style or approach which works at distinguishing itself from other business’ in the industry. Business owners are often concerned about how a particular standard could be applied to their organisation, as it operates in a distinctive way to other business’ which leads to concerns about the relevance of the standards.

Julian and Fadi will be able to address those concerns, and satisfactorily answer them by discussing unique clauses and procedures within the ISO 45001 Standards, which could be specifically tailored to a business to ensure it gains the maximum benefit these standards offer.

So, maybe you are a business that operates solely in your local area, and you are curious about why you should be certifying to an internationally recognised standard. Our specialists will be able to provide a sufficient answer, which addresses your concerns, and explains why these standards provide a suitable framework for helping your organisation achieve its larger operational goals.

The webinar will be hosted at 11am AEDT, on Wednesday, the third of March. Because the webinar is almost upon us, spots have been filling fast, and the webinar has almost reached full capacity. However, a limited number of spots are still available, so anyone interested in learning about how these standards can help their business achieve its wider operational goals should RSVP ASAP by following this link Webinar Registration – Zoom. Doing so will ensure you are able to secure a spot, and gain free, informative insight into the benefits of these standards, and have the opportunity to have your own concerns addressed.

However, Anitech’s safety consultants are also available during business hours from Monday to Friday, so if you would like to know now how these standards could help your business achieve its wider goals and keep it competitive, then please call 1300 802 163 today for a brief, free consultation. All you have to do is tell them about your business operations, including some of the OH&S challenges it is facing and what operational goals it has set for itself, and they will be able to explain to you how these standards could be applied across your organisation to assist it in developing compliant, methodical, proven successful OH&S practices. Doesn’t that sound like a great start towards achieving your wider organisational goals?

Please click here to read more about how the ISO 45001 Standards can help business’ successfully address common OH&S issues.


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