How Ethical Hacker Can Help Secure Management Systems From Cyberattack?

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With cyberattacks increasing daily, Australian businesses and government organisations need an ethical hacker to help detect and overcome vulnerabilities before cybercriminals find them. Ethical hackers are, therefore, in demand in Australia.

Before going into the details of how an ethical hacker can help secure management systems of Australian businesses from cyberattacks, let’s understand who an ethical hacker is.

Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is a technology expert who has learnt the skill of professional hacking to secure computer systems and networks from cyberattacks.

An ethical hacker attempts to copy the jobs of a black hat hacker by evaluating a company’s social engineering features and defence protocols. His duty is to ensure that the enterprise responds satisfactorily to these instances if it is not currently doing so. They also test employees and their systems to check if they can get hacked.

Their job is to scan all the open and closed ports of an information security management system (ISMS) with the help of reconnaissance tools like Nessus and NMAP.

Ethical hackers pursue certified courses, take lessons, and undertake hacking professionally, based on the client’s path, and then present a maturity scorecard outlining an organisation’s potential vulnerabilities and risks. They also provide suggestions for enhancements in the management system.

How can an Ethical Hacker help in Securing Management Systems?

Ethical hackers compromise their systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and cyber security threats. They are employed to identify system vulnerabilities before hackers discover them.

Below are the key responsibilities of an Ethical hacker that they apply to help secure the Management systems of Australian businesses.

1) Breaking into their Systems

Ethical hackers break into their systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and cyber security threats. They are employed to identify system vulnerabilities before cybercriminals discover them.

2) Nullify Hackers’ Intentions

Ethical hackers are recruited as a precautionary measure against hackers who intend to infiltrate computer security. When security flaws are identified early, they can be rectified, preventing the exposure of sensitive information to malicious actors.

3) Record their Findings

Ethical hackers should meticulously record their discoveries and possible threats. Their majority of work involves accurate reporting of vulnerabilities and flaws that pose a security risk.

4) Manage Security loopholes:

Ethical hackers should revive security flaws based on their findings. This will secure data from being stolen by cybercriminals, thus securing the Company’s management system and its sensitive information.

5) Safeguarding Confidential Information:

Ethical hackers should mutually agree to keep their discoveries private and never discuss them with everyone else. They must never disclose their observations and findings under any circumstances.

6) Sign Non-disclosure Agreements

Ethical hackers must sign non-disclosure agreements to keep the organisation’s data safe, and this will dissuade them from disclosing confidential information. In circumstances of disclosure of the Company’s sensitive data, legal action will be taken against them if they do so.

Benefits of being an Ethical Hacker:

Ethical hackers are well-known in their field for their role in system security.

The key benefit of being an ethical hacker is securing data from malicious attacks and cybercriminals on the hunt for weak systems to breach their data.

Here are the top benefits of being an ethical hacker:

  • Find vulnerabilities in a system from a cybercriminal’s point of view.
  • Help prevent cyber-attacks.
  • Prevent unauthorised penetration attacks.
  • Use their expertise to identify and repair system flaws.
  • Implement security network and safety measures throughout the system.
  • Cyber terrorism and preventing illegal hacking of national data by terrorists.
  • Earning customers’ trust by safeguarding their data against any cyber threat.
  • Performing system assessment and real-world tests to protect networks.

Ethical hacking is a demanding career and involves a lot of quick thinking, decision-making, and risk-taking.

However, certified ethical hackers get a lucrative salary depending on their experience and learning.

Governments work with certified ethical hackers to secure data from vulnerabilities, and to get a job as a certified ethical hacker in the government sector is a good opportunity.

An ethical hacking student can enroll in a certification course with EC Council after completing their basic education, preferably in B.Tech, B.E., Computer Science, or Computer Engineering. They should also have knowledge of and be well-versed in all the latest programming languages.

Aspiring Ethical hackers should have industry knowledge, excellent research skills, and be well-versed in information technology.

Computer Ethics followed by an Ethical Hacker

As per the Computer Ethics Institute, the 10 commandments followed by ethical hackers are as given below:

1) They shouldn’t use a computer system or a computer program to cause damage to others.

2) They should not hack other people’s work, but only authorised systems told by organisations.

3) They shouldn’t view or read files, not in their access list.

4) Ethical hackers should not use any system to show false identity.

5) Computer resources shouldn’t be utilised without a legal agreement.

6) They shouldn’t copy or use any unpaid software.

7) Ethical hackers shouldn’t misuse computer systems for robbery.

8) These legal cyberpunks shouldn’t correct the intellectual output provided by others.

9) They should write programs while taking into consideration their social consequences.

10) Ethical hackers should use other people’s Computer systems with utmost sincerity and respect.

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