How Office Partitions Help Maximise Productivity

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With office partitions and dividers being ubiquitous in workplaces across Australia, it can sometimes be easy to take them for granted and forget about the myriad of benefits they offer employees. From effective noise control, to providing staff with a sense of privacy and personal space, to dividing the workplace into relevant sections, office partitions and dividers are a cost-effective, simple ergonomic solution that businesses can implement to achieve a wide range of goals. With many companies now moving back to onsite work, organisations can help make this process run more smoothly by effectively implementing a range of office partitions and dividers across their workplace. This article will explain some of the key advantages of doing so, and how it help companies achieve a range of goals.

Effective workplace partitioning helps businesses make efficient use of their physical office environment, by designing it to ensure the needs of staff are met, so that the business can continue to operate in the most productive manner, without having to spends lots of money doing so. There is a wide range of office partitions and dividers available to companies, with the different types serving a specific purpose, and helping business’ achieve a particular outcome.

Here is an overview of some of the different types of office partitions and dividers, and the particular benefits each style offers to companies:

  • Freestanding acoustic partitions: These can easily be installed across a workplace, and they help companies with effective noise control, by ensuring noises are contained to particular areas. This is achieved in two distinctive ways; firstly, it means that staff outside of the areas separated through acoustic partitions will not be distracted by their conversations, and secondly, it also helps the people within the acoustic partitioning to have clearer, more audible conversations, as they will not be distracted by outside noise.
  • Desk dividers: These act as a physical barrier that separates office booths, thus providing staff with a sense of privacy and personal space, allowing them to focus on their work without distractions. They are also effective at controlling noises, ensuring that staff can work to the best of their ability.
  • Perspex partitions: What is unique about this type of partitioning is that it is see-through, meaning that staff can still view each other and their customers, while still providing them with a noise controlling, physical barrier. With the COVID pandemic still impacting companies across Australia, perspex partitions offer businesses a safe, easy to install solution that works at dividing offices, promoting social distancing, and maximising productivity, whilst ensuring that the aesthetics of the workplace are not compromised.

Effective partitioning helps companies achieve their office ergonomics goals

By installing a range of office partitions across your workplace, your business will be in the best position to achieve its goals. That is because they offer multiple benefits, and even if your company is focused primarily on a particular benefit they offer, they will still stand to gain the others.

Effective noise control strategies, increased staff morale, a safer, more productive workplace, reduced downtime, and improved workplace aesthetics are just some of the key benefits business’ can gain by installing office partitions across their workplace. They help the business strengthen their office ergonomics and develop strategies to ensure their staff’s output is second-to-none.

Contact us to arrange a basic ergonomic assessment

If reading this article has made you want to learn more about how office partitions and dividers could be installed across your workplace, and you want to ensure the appropriate partitions are used, and that they are installed in the most beneficial manner, then please contact our specialist consultants today on sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone on 1300 802 163 for an obligation-free, brief consultation. To help them help you, you should provide them with specific information about your operations, including how many staff are typically working onsite, how many offices you have, the layout of the office, and so on.

Our consultants will then be able to discuss the relevant office partitions and dividers that would be suited to your company, to help it achieve its goals. They can then arrange for a basic ergonomic assessment to be conducted across your worksites, to ensure that the most suitable partitions and dividers are installed, in a way that will help your business achieve its goals. Wouldn’t you agree that installing dividers across the workplace would help unite your office?

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