How To Select an ISO 27001 Consultant for Your SME Business

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With cyber-attack cases increasing day by day, SMEs within Australia definitely require the expertise of experienced ISO 27001 Consultants who will help them build robust management systems to secure their company data.

Innovation and advancements in technology have also made security frameworks complex, and any gap in application security can lead to a cyber-attack.

ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification is therefore essential for Australian-based SMEs, especially the ones located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as these are the main targets.

Hence, choosing a good ISO 27001 consultant is the first step towards successful ISO 27001 Certification and safeguarding the Company’s sensitive information, thus preventing any sort of data breach.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of selecting a great ISO 27001 Consultant that is the right fit for your Australian SME.

But before that, we will take you through the importance and benefits of ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification with regard to small businesses.

Importance of ISO 27001 for Small Businesses

Small businesses are crucial and necessary for long-term economic prosperity. Approximately 90% of the world’s businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises that are innovating, stimulating growth, and creating jobs.

When it comes to information security, businesses want to know that they are doing the right thing.

The application of ISO 27001 certification to your business operations can help you improve the dependability and effectiveness of your organisation’s information security management system.

With many SMEs competing with larger corporations for supplier contracts, particularly in the public sector, resilience and differentiation are critical differentiators. It is good to be small, and agile, but if you want to compete for tenders or attract more customers, you’ll need an extra boost in the form of ISO 27001 Certification.

Furthermore, as the business matures, it might seek more mature clients who will seek an ISO 27001 Certified company to collaborate with in the first place.

ISO implementation is tailored to ensure maximum impact while working within the constraints of the small company’s budget and resources.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification for SMEs

Here are some of the benefits of ISO 27001 implementation and Certification SMEs can reap:

  • Increased reliability and security of information and data.
  • Enhanced risk management processes to manage cyber security threats.
  • Reduced risk of data security non-compliances
  • Reduced risk of penalties, fines, and loss of reputation.
  • Meets all requirements of the legislation and complies with the regulation.
  • Increases scope of entering new markets that require more strict data security and protection.
  • Boost the confidence of stakeholders (such as customers, employees, suppliers, and financiers).
  • Increased quality of business.
  • Enhanced information privacy.

Skills to look out for in an ISO 27001 Consultant

Here are the key skills, organisations should look out for in an ISO 27001 Consultant:

1) Experience and Skills

While hiring an ISO 27001 Consultant, an organisation must check for the qualification and experience of the professional. They must do a proper review of their industry experience, their expertise, the types of sectors they worked for, and projects done. Businesses can also ask for a demo to test the consultant’s services and capability etc.

2) Reputation

Good consultants have a reputation in the industry and clients to spread word of mouth. An organisation can enquire clients about the services given by an ISO 27001 Consultant to get a background check. Also, if a consultant has written books or articles on a particular topic or if she is a frequent conference speaker, chances are you’ll make a good choice.

3) Customised service

An organisation must avoid hiring ‘copy-paste’ consultants who will offer readymade templates and add nothing original to it. They must, on the contrary, hire ISO 27001 consultants who will not only understand their business requirements but will also tailor their services to suit their business needs. They must understand your business process.

4) Leadership

A good ISO 27001 consultant is an expert in leading a project from scratch. Hence, SMEs must ensure that the consultant is a good leader.

5) Local connection and language

Small businesses can have limited staff, and not all might know English. One must, therefore, choose an ISO 27001 consultant who speaks your native language to prevent a language barrier that can cause a lot of problems when collaborating. Don’t expect a translator to assist you with this issue; the job of a consultant is to understand all the nuances of business operations, which cannot be accomplished through a third party.

6) Problem-solving skill

A good ISO 27001 with quick problem-solving skills should be opted for by small businesses. They should be able to explain the ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification procedure to a Company’s management and staff, as well as offer technical support wherever essential.

7) Potential Conflict of Interest

Employ a consultant whose services and your requirements resonate with each other, and there is no conflict of interest. For this, an organisation must list down their requirements and expectations from an ISO 27001 Consultant and then accordingly research, enquire and choose the best fit.

Why Choose Anitech’s ISO 27001 Consultants for your small business?

Here are the reasons how Anitech’s ISO 27001 Consultants can be the right fit for your business:

  1. A team of experienced and certified professionals with hands-on experience in designing and implementing Management Systems complying with ISO 27001 Standard.
  2. Our team is punctual and professional and is known for delivering timely services to clients.
  3. Our ISO 27001 Consultants will analyse your SME and provide a plan tailored to your business.
  4. We will help you in getting ISO 27001 Certified as well as assist you in its compliance.

Services provided by Anitech’s ISO 27001 Consultants

The services provided by Anitech’s ISO 27001 Consultants are as below:

1. We conduct a comprehensive Gap Analysis to test the compliance level of the information security management system (ISMS) against the ISO 27001 requirements. We

2. We create and offer a strategic plan and roadmap to help businesses achieve compliance and/or Certification.

3. Undertake analysis and Risk Management to develop an asset register and the information security risks assessment required, including the production of a Statement of Applicability (SOA) – which is a key requirement of ISO 27001.

4. Implementation of incident management processes to identify and efficiently react to any cyber security issues found.

5. We help SMEs in developing a robust Governance and Compliance structure.

6. We review (and, if needed, draft new) policies and procedures, as well as calculate their effectiveness and maturity.

7. Provide security awareness materials and training for staff and specific training for security roles.

We have helped many clients implement robust ISMS frameworks. We have also provided training and guidance to them to achieve management systems certified by ISO 27001. What’s crucial here is a strong set of security controls and policies that protect client data, managed by the ISMS, that complies with ISO 27001.

Is ISO 27001 Certification expensive for small businesses?

The cost of ISO 27001 Certification is quite relative. For a small company, there are ways to cut costs, but you will still incur costs.

For example, the cost of an ISO 27001 certification audit is fairly fixed. The question is whether the commercial benefits outweigh the costs of having it.

Can a small business do the ISO 27001 implementation themselves?

If you have no prior experience, the learning curve can be sharp, and the documentation requirements can be stressful. Opting for an ISO 27001 Consultant would be a safer option to fix all loose ends in the management system and get a professional certification for sure.

Whether this is your first time working with an internationally recognised information security standard or you want to improve your current approach, Anitech’s ISO 27001 Consultants can help you to achieve your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. Our customer story says it all.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help small businesses effectively implement an ISMS and achieve ISO 27001 certification.

You can call 1300 802 163 or email info@anitechgroup.com or enquire here.


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