Office Ergonomics Is A Quick Solution For An Age-Old Problem

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Although businesses have long struggled with the issue of ensuring that their staff feel comfortable and productive throughout their workday, the ongoing pandemic has highlighted just how crucial this matter is to employee productivity. Uncomfortable, ill-suited furniture, a lack of personal space, noise distractions and other office ergonomic risks can all contribute to a sense of unease and anxiety in staff, which can significantly lower productivity. With many companies across Australia already operating in an extremely challenging environment this can severely impact their operations, resulting in significant downtime. However, organisations can counter these issues through effective use of office ergonomics throughout their work environment, as by supporting the physical and emotional wellbeing of staff their productivity is maximised. This article will discuss how effective office ergonomics is a quick, easy solution for a long-standing problem.

Ergonomic workstations reduce stress and unease

With many staff now working from home, they are spending most of their workday behind their desk. All work duties, meetings, client calls, and so on can be conducted in the one location, meaning that employee mobility may be limited. And for staff still operating onsite it is essential that they are provided with a workstation that they feel comfortable working in, has little to no distractions, and promotes appropriate social distancing practices.

Further, remaining seated in the same position throughout the day can lead to any number of physical health problems, including back pain, repetitive strain injury, and so on. Employers can quickly and easily address these issues by providing staff with suitable ergonomic workstations to conduct their work duties in, as an effective ergonomic workstation can counter these problems, as they can be tailored to the physical requirements and comforts of individuals.

For example, an appropriate height adjustable ergonomic chair helps staff feel comfortable and productive, as its height can be adjusted to maximise comfort. This means that taller individuals can ensure their monitor meets their eyeline, whilst others can also adjust the height to suit their needs. Further, many ergonomic chairs offer a contour foam lumbar support and seat padding, thus ensuring staff feel comfortable as they go about their work duties.

An appropriate ergonomic desk is the next essential component of a complete ergonomic workstation, as many staff will be working on them throughout their workday. By providing employees with an ergo electric desk, businesses are ensuring that staff can work in a comfortable environment, which is conducive to productivity. This type of ergonomically friendly desk offers all the benefits of a traditional desk, in addition to special ergonomic advantages such as electric height adjustment with the mere press of a button, a modern and open frame design, and a sturdy, non-wobble base. The most effective ergonomic workstations would offer both ergonomic chairs and desks, as they complement each other and help contribute to an overall more productive, stress-free work environment.

Also, businesses still operating onsite may be dealing with staff feeling anxious about matters such as appropriate social distancing between employees, working in a distraction-free environment, having a sense of personal space, and so on. Businesses can easily address these concerns by installing appropriate ergonomic accessories throughout their workplace. For example, by implementing desk dividers between workstations staff will be provided with both a sense of personal space and social distancing, as they are an easy-to-install physical barrier between desks, providing an immediate physical and sight barrier between workstations. This is a cost-effective, simple solution that addresses feelings of anxiety and discomfort, helping staff work to the best of their ability.

Office ergonomic products are portable and easy to install

Another central benefit of office ergonomic products and accessories are that they are portable and can easily be installed across a range of different working environments, with the benefits they offer being apparent almost immediately. Effective office ergonomics provides a fast solution to the long-standing problem of decreased productivity due to uncomfortable workstations, noise distractions, anxiety from a lack of personal space, and so on.

Contact our ergonomic specialists for more information

There is a wide range of office ergonomic equipment available to businesses, to ensure they can suitably address all ergonomic issues. If reading this article has left you wanting to find out more about how you can make efficient use of office ergonomics, and ensure your staff feel comfortable and at ease, then please contact our ergonomic specialists today by email at sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone on 1300 802 163, for a brief, obligation-free consultation.

All you need to do is give them an overview of some of the ergonomic challenges your business is facing, and they can then discuss with you some efficient ergonomic solutions for maintaining staff comfort and productivity. Further, they can arrange for a basic ergonomic assessment of your worksite to be conducted, under COVID-Safe conditions, to ensure your premises is making the most out of potential office ergonomic solutions and passing the benefits onto staff. Doesn’t that sound like a solution worth hearing more about?

Please click here to learn more about how you can make office ergonomics ‘work’ for your organisation.

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