Penetration Testing Services in Australia

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Penetration testing services are available in top Australian cities like Melbourne, Victoria, Brisbane, and others, for organisations to safeguard their computer systems. It is essential for businesses to choose the right service provider.

Currently, the country is facing severe cyber threats, and it is essential that organisations have an IT team well-versed with the various cyber security threats like malware, ransomware, e-mail phishing, etc. and other vulnerabilities. They must also do market research on penetration service providers that can find vulnerabilities in their security systems. Essential. Finding the apt Cyber Security Consultation for their company is also essential to overcome these vulnerabilities and achieve compliance with government policies and ISO 27001 standards.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a technical process to find loopholes in the system. It involves performing ethical hacking on the company’s systems in a controlled environment. It is performed by a penetration tester who can also be a cyber security consultant with the organisation. They test web browsers, internet connections, system security structures, employee accounts, and cloud networks for possible vulnerabilities. They can also test smartphones, mobile apps and cloud servers for risks that can cause a cyberattack.

Penetration tester

A penetration tester performs penetration tester to check systems for vulnerabilities that might contribute to data vulnerabilities. The individual is a security hacker who acts as technical support to the IT team in tackling cyber threats.

Benefits of penetration testing

Below mentioned are the benefits of penetration testing:

1. Understanding system risks

Penetration testing helps in understanding risks systems are vulnerable to. Penetration testers are skilled in finding loopholes in the system architecture that might pave way for cyber-attacks.

2. System resilience & strength

A penetration test will help security consultants in understanding system health, strength and resilience to external attacks. Since ethical hacking is also a form of hacking, these tests will help in understanding system behaviour at the time of security breaches. Based on the findings, security experts can implement protection plans to overcome them.

3. To achieve ISO 27001 certification

Penetration testing helps in overcoming system vulnerabilities that might have led to a cyber-attack. This will further make the company’s security systems eligible for getting ISO 27001 certified. ISO Certification will add to the organisation’s reputation as a secure enterprise.

4. To gain customer trust

Customer trust is very important for the success of a business in Australia. Enhancing the user experience and making them happy is every company’s end goal, which they achieve through their services. A lack of security on the part of the organisation can cause them a loss of trust among customers and reputation in the market. Hence, penetration testing will help in building trust among users as the computer networks, and data of the company will be protected from cyber-attacks.

Cost of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing can cost an organisation in the range of $4,000-$100,000. For businesses that want to opt for high-quality penetration testing, it can cost them about $10,000-$30,000. The price paid by businesses on penetrating testing is much lesser than that they would incur if faced with a cyber-attack. Hence, companies must not hesitate in investing in penetration testing and cyber security consultation.

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Factors contributing to the cost of Penetration services

1. Size of Company

A Company’s size plays a key role in determining the cost of penetration testing. A small enterprise will be charged lesser than a big organisation with complex system architecture.

2. Scope

The scope of penetrating testing includes areas that need to be tested for an organisation. It includes security systems, internet networks, API pages, application software, number of pages and network devices. They will also test smartphones and mobile applications. The scope also defines the aim of a business behind conducting the test.

3. Methodology of testing

The different methodologies used for testing add to the cost of these services. Depending on the company’s focus area, experts will decide on the penetration tests. The inclusion or deletion of tests will further add to the cost of penetration testing.

4. Experience costs more

An experienced penetration testing company will charge more than a start-up due to their years of experience in testing many big and small companies. They have tackled risk in various companies and have experience in securing systems and sensitive information of businesses from any cyberattack. But their services will be worth the money spent.

5. Cyber Security Consultation

Some penetration testing services also offer cyber security consulting that will add to the cost. Please note the role of a penetration tester to only assess your system architecture for possible vulnerabilities and share a report on the result and findings. The solution providing part is the job role of cyber security consultants who can also be penetration testers. But the price of a consultation is additional to the penetration testing services. Opting for companies or individuals providing both would be great to prevent opting for a separate cyber security consulting service.

For cyber security consultation, speak to our experts, call us now on 1300 802 163 or e-mail us at – info@anitechgroup.com or inquire here.


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