WHS Survey Discloses Alarming Rise in Workplace Psychosocial Harm! 

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A NSW Government poll of Australian employees indicated a significant and growing incidence of psychological damage in the workplace, with more than two-thirds reporting facing bullying at work in the previous year.

The Australian WHS Survey (Survey) results suggest that healthcare employees felt more exposed to dangers, such as harassment and bullying, with sexual harassment being more prevalent in healthcare settings.

According to the survey, conducted in June 2023, 70% of workers in small enterprises faced harassment and bullying in the previous year, whereas workers in large organisations had a higher level of burnout due to job expectations.

The Centre for Work Health and Safety (the Centre) created a Survey to allow workers all over Australia to share their personal experiences with Workplace Health and Safety (WHS). This will help develop a better understanding of the practices, barriers, and enablers in the workplace.

About 1,017 Australian workers participated in the survey and provided their observations on current, new, and emerging WHS issues. This will help create a profile of WHS in Australian workplaces.

WHS Radar Report

The Centre also released its biannual WHS Radar report in April 2023, which adopts a contemporary method of information interrogation never seen in WHS regulation before.

The Radar compiles the most recent information on WHS concerns and trends from workers’ compensation and incident databases, a study of news and academic publications, contact with Australian WHS regulatory inspectors and experts, and the WHS Survey.

Cross-referencing these insights emphasises the present, local, and relevant insights, pointing to possible WHS concerns that need to be addressed.

Following the publishing of the debut report in April 2023, the WHS Radar will be published twice a year to give frequent and actionable insights about WHS in an Australian context.

The Centre for Work Health and Safety is translating research and intelligence into practical solutions, including the development of tools that drive behaviour change.

SafeWork NSW released a new digital Workplace Wellbeing Assessment Tool (WWAT) in October last year to help employers better identify and manage workplace mental health.

The tool assesses and analyses a workplace’s competence by finding gaps and areas for development and recommending strategies to mitigate such risks.

In the words of SafeWork NSW Executive Director of Community Engagement Andrew Gavrielatos, there is no excuse for cutting safety for the sake of productivity or profit for any business operating in NSW. Continued economic pressures, such as inflation and supply chain disruption, are affecting company attitudes towards health, safety, and worker well-being.

This is where the Radar comes into the picture to not only inform everyone about the various WHS problems employees and businesses are encountering, but also how they can be addressed to make work safer.

It should be noted that the insights from the survey will be shared with WHS regulators, businesses, and researchers to support the early identification of new practices, risks, and solutions in Australian workplaces.

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