Why ISO 9001 Certification Is Worth It

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With many organisations across Australia dealing with innumerable challenges right now, an easy trap to fall into can be to look at cheaper alternatives to business services, such as Business Management Systems. While a cheaper cost may at first glance seem like a more attractive alternative, businesses should be doing their research to see what they are missing out on to get the cheaper cost. For example, when it comes to a Quality Management System (QMS), businesses should be working with a company that can tailor the Management System to their needs, and work with them at every step of the way to ensure all their requirements are met, and that they achieve their operational goals. While this may initially cost a bit more, the higher quality service could see their business gain several additional benefits, truly making it value for money.

The cost for ISO 9001 certification

Many businesses right now will be struggling to continue to deliver a high-quality customer service experience. They may be going through operational challenges, and dealing with inefficient processes, which hinders their ability to meet their business objectives, and remain a competitive player within their industry. By certifying to the International Organization for Standardization’s internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management System, business’ will be able to develop proven successful strategies for addressing the above issues and ensuring the stability of their operations. Some business’ may be wondering what the cost for ISO 9001 certification is, and the answer depends upon several factors, including the size of your operations, the industry your business operates in, the number of staff it has, and the complexity of service required.

However, while the cost for ISO 9001 certification depends upon several factors, it is crucial for businesses to work with professional management system consultants that will deliver a service that is specifically tailored to their needs. The consultants should be working with the business across the whole certification process, to identify their needs, help them with the certification of the Management System, and then conduct post-certification audits upon it, to ensure everything is working correctly.

To break this down into purely monetary terms, this service may initially cost a bit more, but in the long term it will end up costing the business less, as the effectively implemented QMS will help the operations achieve several goals, including:

  • Identifying inefficient operational processes, and developing corrective measures to fix them. This means that the operations will be one of constant improvement, with clearer processes in turn leading to a reduction in expenses.
  • Improving the customer service experience. These Standards look at the issue of effective customer service from a range of perspectives and help businesses with continually developing strategies for engaging with customers and improving their service experience.
  • Meeting their compliance obligations. Through ISO 9001 certification, businesses will demonstrate a commitment to meeting their legal and regulatory obligations and show the relevant stakeholders that they take the issue of efficient service delivery seriously. This can go a long way in helping a business distinguish itself from its competitors.
  • Opening doors to new trading partners. Many businesses require the companies they work with to be ISO 9001 certified, as this provides them with reassurance about the businesses high-quality processes. By certifying to the ISO 9001 standards, business’ will be able to work with even more trading partners, thus growing as a company and increasing their profit margins.

It is important to find the right management system consultants

It is clear that there are countless benefits to ISO 9001 certification. So, when it comes to finding the right management system consultants to help your business with this process, you should look for one that helps you in several ways, including:

  • Ensuring the service is tailored directly to your business’ needs. Depending on your business industry, the size of your operations, how many worksites you have, and so on, the ISO 9001 standards could be tailored to your operations in different ways, to ensure it gets the maximum benefit from them. It is important to work with consultants who understand your business requirements, and ensure the Standards are tailored to them.
  • Providing advice throughout the whole certification process. Business’ will often have questions about the certification process, after it has commenced, and will want to contact consultants for advice. A business should look to work with a company that has consultants available throughout business hours to answer any of their queries, and help them throughout the whole process.

Contact us for more information

If reading this has made you want to find out more about what value you get for your money by certifying to this Standard, then please contact Anitech’s specialist consultants today at sales@anitechgroup.com or on 1300 802 163 for an obligation-free consultation. Tell them about your business, and some of the operational goals it is looking to meet, and they will be able to explain to you how ISO 9001 can be best tailored to your operations. Doesn’t that sound like bang for your buck?

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