Dust Monitoring and Air Quality Assessments

What is Dust Monitoring?

Dust Monitoring determines the number of dust particles found in a specific workplace, city, or community over a specified period.

Air Quality Assessments

An Air quality assessment is a standardised protocol for measuring indoor air quality in a workplace environment as it relates to employees’ health and safety.

An occupational hygienist conducts an air quality assessment by interpreting endogenous (internal origin) factors such as humidity/temperature control, noise decibel level, adequate lighting, and the dispersion of airborne contaminants through adequate ventilation.


Why Your Business Requires Dust Monitoring and Air Quality Assessments?

Solid dust monitoring, measurements, and control mechanisms continue to be among the most significant occupational health and safety concerns in many industries.

Indus, you must ensure the safety of your employees by adhering to the applicable Workplace Exposure Standards.

Dust or air quality has a significant impact on industries such as construction and mining etc., where the employees are exposed to dust generated from various work-related activities. Crystalline Silica and Coal dust is harmful to the workers’ health and causes dangerous diseases.

Hence, dust monitoring is frequently essential to the success of a project. Dust and other particulate matter have detrimental effects on the respiratory system and potentially exacerbate asthma and other pre-existing conditions.

To ensure that your dust monitoring program is aligned with the environmental and health outcomes of the construction, it is crucial to have the proper dust monitoring equipment. This will enable organisations to assess the project’s effects and the efficacy of dust suppression efforts.

Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring

  • The information recorded by air quality monitoring allows us to evaluate the effects of poor air quality on public health.
  • This air quality data helps us determine if an organisation is meeting the requirements of ISO 45001 Standard or OSHA Air quality standard.
  • The data obtained will also aid in identifying polluted areas, pollution levels, and air quality levels.
  • Monitoring air quality would help us determine the effectiveness of the developed air pollution control programs.
  • Air quality data helps us comprehend the mortality rate attributable to air pollution in any location. Additionally, we can assess and compare the short-term and long-term diseases/disorders caused by air pollution.
  • Control measures for protecting the environment and the health of all living organisms can be developed based on the collected data.

Why Choose Anitech?

Anitech Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s leading dust monitoring and Air Quality assessment solution providers.

Our experienced Occupational Hygiene consultants will measure respirable and inhalable dust levels in your Company’s internal and external surroundings.

Our team will provide a detailed report on the findings and offer solutions to overcome any excess harmful dust levels.

We will help you to create a robust plan to safeguard the health of your employees from dust-related hazards. The plan will outline all the essential requirements of the ISO 45001 Standard, and we will also help in the implementation, certification, and compliance.

We will also suggest you protective gear be used by your workers when handling jobs that involve the generation of dust.

Our services include

  • Dust Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Ventilation Studies
  • ISO 45001 Design, Implementation, and Certification
  • OSHA Standards

If you wish to promote better work environments by keeping dust in check and maintaining air quality at your workplace to safeguard employee health, feel free to call us on – 1300 802 163 or e-mail us at info@anitechgroup.com.

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