Energy Management

What is Energy Management?

Energy management encompasses the planning and operation of energy production and consumption units, including energy distribution and storage.

The key objectives include resource conservation, climate preservation, and economic savings while ensuring permanent energy access for users.

Energy Management is closely related to environmental management, production management, logistics, and other established business operations.

Energy Audit

An energy audit can help you comprehend your company’s energy usage and spot possible opportunities for cost savings.

It can result in reduced energy utilisation, enhanced productivity, and the exploration of new opportunities.

Though Energy audits can be conducted in-house, an expert auditor can help your organisation perform them per the standard requirements.


Why is Energy Management Essential for Australian Businesses?

Businesses face tight budget challenges as costs quickly accumulate at the end of every month. A significant portion of these expenses can be attributed to the electricity used for operations unknown to most businesses.

Cost per kilowatt-hour ($/kWh) or cost per kilovolt-ampere ($/kVA) rates directly proportional to a company’s maximum or peak demand are the norm for businesses. In addition, they may incur a penalty or “demand charge” if they exceed the maximum demand specified in their contract or electricity plan.

Thus, by controlling the overall energy demand and its period-to-period fluctuations, businesses can reduce energy costs and reinvest in other areas.

Benefits of Energy Management

  • Cost reduction through competitive purchasing and strategically reducing consumption.
  • Reduce glasshouse gas emissions to increase corporate social responsibility.
  • Tracking your utility costs to create more precise budgets and better understand your operational expenses.
  • Reducing dependency on intrinsically unstable supply chains.

Why Choose Anitech?

If you want to utilise and manage energy efficiently to boost your Company’s growth while reducing energy losses, Anitech is the solution.

We are not just a Boutique Consulting Firm providing guidance on Energy Management, but we are here to transform businesses with our core expertise.

Our clients are the outcome of our years of hard work and industry experience in resolving business issues. We have created robust Energy Management Plans to transform many enterprises in Australia into successful ventures.

Our Consultants are experienced in creating and implementing an efficient Energy Management plan that outlines the guidelines that comply with the standard requirement.

We can help you track your Company’s energy usage so that you do not waste energy and thus save your pockets from unnecessary expenses.

Our clients trust us for

  • Integrity
  • Exceptional Solutions
  • Extreme Professionalism
  • Timely Work
  • Friendly Consultants
  • A Team that understands your business

If you want to learn professional Energy Management or need the advice to utilise your organisation’s energy resources wisely to boost growth, drop by an inquiry!

You can call us on 1300 802 163 or e-mail us at info@anitechgroup.com.


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