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Ensure Compliance and Safety with Our Professional Noise Assessments

If you’re concerned about the noise levels in your workplace or community, you need accurate and reliable noise assessments. At Anitech Group, we provide professional noise assessments to ensure compliance with regulations and create a safe and quiet environment for everyone.

Identify and address noise-related issues before they become a problem for you or your employees.
Protect your hearing and prevent noise-induced hearing loss with our comprehensive assessments.
Improve customer satisfaction by providing a quieter, more pleasant environment.
Increase productivity and efficiency by creating a quieter work environment.
Comply with local noise regulations and avoid potential fines or legal action.
Ensure the safety of your employees by mitigating noise hazards in the workplace.
Save money on future noise-related expenses by proactively addressing any issues now.

Ready to take control of noise in your workplace? Contact us today to schedule a noise assessment and start enjoying a quieter, more productive environment. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you find the best solutions for your unique needs. Don’t let excessive noise disrupt your business any longer – get in touch with Anitech Group today.

Our Services Include

Noise Monitoring and Measurement

We conduct detailed noise monitoring using advanced equipment to accurately measure noise levels in your workplace, identifying sources and determining employee exposure levels.

Noise Mapping and Surveys

Our team creates detailed noise maps and surveys, visualising noise hotspots and areas of concern to help you understand the distribution of noise and make informed decisions for noise control measures.

Noise Exposure Assessments

We assess employee noise exposure levels through personal dosimetry monitoring, analysing individual exposure over time and providing recommendations for noise control and hearing protection.

Environmental Noise Assessments

Our services extend beyond the workplace. We also conduct environmental noise assessments, evaluating noise impact from external sources such as construction sites, transportation, and industrial facilities.

Noise Control Solutions

We provide customised noise control solutions to help you reduce noise levels and mitigate potential health risks. Our recommendations may include engineering controls, administrative measures, and personal protective equipment.

Training and Education

We offer comprehensive training programs to educate your employees about the importance of noise management, proper use of hearing protection, and best practices for reducing noise exposure.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Our team stays up to date with local noise regulations and provides guidance to ensure your workplace meets compliance requirements, helping you avoid penalties and maintain a safe working environment.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience, our team brings extensive knowledge in noise assessments, ensuring accurate measurements and effective noise control strategies.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We utilise advanced equipment to conduct precise noise measurements, providing detailed analysis and recommendations for noise management.

Comprehensive Assessments

Our thorough noise assessments cover various environments and industries, identifying sources, evaluating exposure levels, and recommending control measures.

Regulatory Compliance

We have a deep understanding of noise regulations and standards, ensuring your business meets compliance requirements and protects employee health.

Customised Solutions

We tailor noise control strategies to your specific needs, considering factors such as workplace layout, operations, and employee requirements.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated team provides ongoing support, helping you implement noise control measures, monitor progress, and ensure long-term noise management success.

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