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Tailored Solutions for a Healthy and Compliant Work Environment

As an employer in Sydney, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. Anitech’s certified occupational hygienist in Sydney can help you achieve this goal with tailored solutions to identify and mitigate potential workplace hazards. Our experienced professionals ensure compliance with regulations while improving your employees’ well-being.

Conduct comprehensive workplace risk assessments in Sydney to identify potential hazards.
Develop customised health and safety plans in Sydney to mitigate risks and improve employee well-being.
Provide occupational health and hygiene monitoring services in Sydney to ensure compliance with regulations.
Deliver training programs in Sydney to educate employees on best practices for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.
Offer ongoing support and guidance in Sydney to help you stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements.

Our Services Include

Awareness Training

Empowering your workforce through comprehensive training programs to increase awareness and promote best practices in occupational hygiene.

Audiometric Testing

Precise and thorough audiometric testing to assess and monitor employees’ hearing health, ensuring early detection and prevention of potential hearing loss.

Noise Monitoring

Utilising advanced techniques to monitor and evaluate workplace noise levels, identifying potential hazards and implementing effective noise control measures.

Noise Management Plan & Policies

Developing tailored noise management plans and policies to minimise occupational noise exposure, safeguarding employee well-being and compliance with regulations.

Dust Monitoring

Employing cutting-edge technology for continuous monitoring of airborne dust particles, enabling proactive measures to control dust levels and protect respiratory health.

Air Quality Monitoring

Conducting comprehensive air quality assessments to identify and mitigate potential contaminants, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Heat Stress Monitoring

Implementing advanced monitoring systems to assess and manage heat stress risks, promoting employee well-being and preventing heat-related illnesses.

Ventilation Studies

Conducting in-depth studies to evaluate and optimise workplace ventilation systems, enhancing indoor air quality and maintaining a comfortable working environment.

Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Thorough monitoring and assessment of workplace chemical exposures, facilitating the implementation of effective control measures to minimise risks to employee health.

Ergonomic Assessments

Comprehensive ergonomic assessments to identify and address ergonomic hazards, promoting ergonomic design principles and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Ergonomic Furniture

Providing expert guidance and recommendations on ergonomic furniture solutions to enhance employee comfort, productivity, and overall well-being.

Fit Testing

Rigorous fit testing protocols to ensure proper fit and effectiveness of personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring employee safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Experience

Our team of occupational hygienists in Sydney brings extensive knowledge and experience in assessing workplace hazards, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your employees.

Comprehensive Assessments

We conduct thorough workplace assessments, identifying and evaluating exposure risks to various hazards such as chemicals, biological agents, and physical factors.

Regulatory Compliance

Our occupational hygienists stay up to date with local and national regulations, providing expert guidance to help you meet compliance requirements and avoid penalties.

Customised Solutions

We develop tailored strategies to control and minimise occupational hazards, considering your unique workplace conditions, industry requirements, and employee health.

Monitoring and Analysis

We offer ongoing monitoring and analysis services, assessing exposure levels and providing recommendations to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with your team, promoting open communication, knowledge sharing, and training to create a culture of occupational health and safety within your organisation.

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