Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing

Anitech offers professional penetration testing services across Australia.

We aim to give your business the peace of mind that comes with knowing its information security networks are safe from cyber threats.

As technology solutions develop, so too do the methods cyber-hackers employ to gain unauthorised access to your business’ information security networks. By undergoing a comprehensive penetration testing service of your business’ IT systems your organisation is ensuring that the confidential information it stores is safeguarded from unauthorised users, and is upholding its reputation in the process. Further, this also works at keeping the business’ expenses down, because the cost of this procedure will be significantly less than the costs involved in working to mitigate the damage of a successful cyber-attack on your network.

What is penetration testing?

When a business commissions a penetration test (informally known as a pentest) on their networks, a team of IT specialists are commissioned to think and act like a hacker. Under simulated conditions, they attempt to not only gain unauthorised access to a business’ IT networks, but to also ascertain the extent of damage that could be caused in the event of a genuine network breach. This reconnaissance exercise allows a business to achieve a number of related goals, including identifying potential network weak points, upholding their reputation as a secure business to work with, minimising downtime, and ensuring that the business does not have to incur the high costs associated with a genuine network breach.

This process is also known as ethical hacking, as pentesting is when a team of IT specialists ethically simulate a cyber attack of your business’ IT networks as an information gathering exercise, identify potential weak points, and then inform the business of them so they can take corrective action, and thus keep their networks secure.

Different Types of Pentests

Anitech offers professional penetration testing services across Australia.

A pentest can be conducted in several ways, depending on the individual requirements of the organisation. However, there are three main pentesting methods, which are as follows:

  • Black Box Testing: This method sees the IT experts approach this exercise from the point of view of someone with no existing familiarity of the system that they are trying to gain unauthorised access to. This means that the testers have to undertake their own research into the network, work at understanding it, and then investigate potential security flaws that they could exploit to gain unauthorised access.
  • Grey Box Testing: This process is conducted through the scenario of the cyber hacker possessing minimal information of the system they are working to breach. This could mean that they have limited access privileges, and then ascertaining the extent of the damage that could be cause with this restricted access.
  • White Box Testing: This form of ethical hacking is conducted from the perspective of a hacker with complete knowledge of the scope of the network they are working to breach, as well as full access privileges, to ascertain what damage could be done in this scenario. By conducting pen testing services from these different perspectives, the pentesters will be in the optimal position to gauge the full extent of damage that the business’ networks are at risk of.

Get The Right Pentest For Your Business

Anitech offers professional penetration testing services across Australia.

What pentesting procedure is best suited for your business will be dependant on a number of factors, including the scope of your IT systems, what sort of information is stored on its systems, and so on. Therefore, it is recommended that business’ have a pre-consultation before commissioning a pentesting service, so that you can explain the information security issues that you are seeking to address, and they will be able to make appropriate recommendations about what type of pentest would best suit your operations.

With decades of collective experience between them, Anitech’s information security consultants are able to easily assess the effectiveness of your business’ existing information security network, and through this ethical hacking process they will be able to gauge how secure your existing network is from unauthorised users. After doing so, Anitech’s specialist consultants will be able to work closely with your business to help it develop effective strategies for ensuring its information does not fall into the hands of unauthorised users.

Our cyber security consultants can answer any questions your business has regarding the pen testing process, what you can expect from it, and how it will help your organisation develop effective risk assessment strategies to ensure your confidential data remains secure. Doing this is a step towards certification to the internationally recognised ISO 27001 Information Security Standards. This provides peace of mind to your staff, customers, and stakeholders, and helps maintain the strong reputation of your business.

Anitech’s head office is located in the Melbourne suburb of Mount Waverley, and we have strong ties to both local and wider business communities. We have successfully helped hundreds of organisations develop effective information security networks, which has helped them strengthen their overall operations, and keep their privileged information out of the hands of cyber-threats.

Our Pentesting Services Include

Anitech offers pentesting services in three different packages, Basic, Elaborative, and Elite. The individual packages offer a wide array of ethical hacking services, and before commissioning a pentest, you should speak with a consultant to ascertain which package best suits your business requirements. After discussing your organisation’s information security requirements with you, and ascertaining the level of pentesting services required, they will then be able to make a recommendation about which package best suits your business requirements, and they will be able to help you achieve your operational goals.

Contact us for more information

If you feel your business stands to benefit from pentesting services, and would like to know more about the specifics of the process, and how business’ can help it run as smoothly as possible, then please contact Anitech’s information security and cyber security consultants today by filling out this simple online Contact Us form, or by calling us on 1300 802 163. Our specialists will be able to go through this process with you in detail, answer your questions, and explain to you how your business could directly benefit from this process.

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