Quality Assurance Frameworks

What is a Quality Assurance Framework?

Standards for quality assurance systems, such as ISO 9001, are frameworks that give organisations guidelines to follow to ensure that their procedures, materials, goods, and services can satisfy customer demands, ensure quality output, live up to their promises, and meet their statutory and regulatory obligations.

A Quality Assurance Framework offers a set of controls that enterprises need to assign to overcome shortcomings and strengthen their quality management systems (QMS). These should comply with the standard guidelines.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standard

Business organisations can ensure quality using a process-based approach and risk management with the help of ISO’s general standard framework. It lays out specifications for their quality assurance systems, enabling organisations to compare the quality of their goods and services and satisfy legal and regulatory requirements. By assisting organisations to exceed their quality expectations, the ISO 9001 standard seeks to empower them and create a loyal customer base.


Why your Company needs a Quality Assurance Framework?

One of the greatest challenges for expanding customer service groups is the inability or failure to measure and manage the quality of service and customer conversations provided by front-line advisors.

It is easy to concentrate on performance metrics such as call answer times because they are widely available from systems. However, although the quality of conversation is arguably more important, measuring quality assurance is not as straightforward as it seems.

Downloadable scorecard templates are available on various search engines like Google, but they are not tailored to a Company’s specific requirements.

Hence, it is essential to design and implement a Quality Assurance Framework with the help of an expert like Anitech to ensure all organisation-specific requirements are fulfilled.

Benefits of a Quality Assurance Framework

The biggest benefits of implementing a quality assurance framework are customer trust and government tenders.

Others include:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety of services and products
  • Optimum allocation of resources and minimisation of waste
  • Gaining confidentiality of stakeholders, employees and customers.
  • Compliance with local and international legislation
  • A safe workplace for employees
  • Environmental responsibility

Why Choose Anitech?

At Anitech, we are committed to offering robust solutions to businesses, and we understand the benefits of quality assurance, Environmental, OH&S, and other management systems.

We have an industry experience of over 15 years where we have created top-notch quality assurance plans and designed successful Quality frameworks for Australian businesses.

Our consultants are experts in implementing Quality assurance standards like ISO 9001. We will not just design but also help your organisation in maintaining an audited QA/compliance system that complies with all regulatory requirements.

Anitech is a trusted partner for Quality Assurance Framework implementation and offers compliance and quality consultancy services to small and large enterprises in Australia.

Our customers applaud us for our:

  • Industry Expertise
  • Work Commitment
  • Trust and Reliability
  • Professional Consultants
  • Friendly Team

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