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What is the Safe Quality Food Program (SQF)

The Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) employs a scientific method designed to produce a consistent product. It envelopes different phases of the food supply chain with industry-specific codes right from the farm, manufacturing and packaging, product storage, distribution, food retail, and food service.

Safe Quality Food (SQF) identifies safety and quality risks and validates and monitors control measures.

The SQF Program is founded on internationally acknowledged food safety principles, including HACCP systems.

  1. Principles of system management
  2. Maintenance of the management system
  3. Control of food safety hazards through Pre-requisite programs and HACCP-based food safety plans
  4. Control of potential threats to quality through HACCP-based food quality plans

Why do Food Industries require SQF and HACCP?

Food Safety Systems and HACCP are essential for any food company aspiring to be a market leader.

It provides the consumer with the highest level of assurance that the supplier will always uphold their commitment to food safety and quality.


HACCP is an effective tool for assessing hazards and establishing prevention-oriented control systems, as opposed to relying primarily on end-product testing.

An experienced HACCP consultant will assist the organisation in identifying product risks, developing strategies and action plans to minimise and manage those risks, and implementing those plans.


Types of SQF

Supply Chain Scope

The SQF codes are tailored to cater to the needs of the various food supply chain sectors.

Apart from the additional quality code, they provide certification for primary production (agriculture and aquaculture), food manufacturing, packaging, distribution, retail, and food service.

Sector Focused

The SQF Codes are internationally recognised and serve as a guarantee that the product you purchase meets international food safety standards.

Each code emphasizes food safety and good manufacturing practices (GMP) that are sector-specific.

Industry Recognised

The SQF Codes are among the most prominent food safety and quality management systems in the world. Significant retailers and food service providers strongly support SQF certification.

Benefits of SQF Certification for the Food Processing Industry

SQF certification offers the below mentioned benefits for your business:

  • Increase buyer’s confidence
  • Enhance market access, image, and competitive advantages.
  • Ensure the product meets the highest safety standards.
  • Improved tracking and monitoring of food origin and handling.
  • Improves product quality.
  • Operation efficiency (less waste).
  • Compliance with retailers’ specifications and quality standards.
  • Increased profitability through reduced food spoilage, rejects damage.
  • Commitment to producing and trading safe quality food.
  • Brand Equity enhancement.
  • Enables suppliers and buyers to demonstrate ‘Due Diligence’ in food safety matters.
  • Meets government food safety and traceability requirements.
  • SQF offers consistency by allowing the implementation of a single program and standard to meet global market requirements.


As the industry people know us, we offer expert solutions in SQF requirements. The SQF program is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as a scheme that can offer a seamless ‘field to fork’ food safety and quality certification solution.

It provides supply chain management for the following processes:

  • Primary production
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Storage and distribution
  • Food packaging manufacturing
  • Retail operations
  • To find out more about SQF certification, contact us today.

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