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Discover how our expert-led spirometry assessments can safeguard your team's respiratory health and ensure regulatory compliance

At Anitech, we specialise in professional Spirometry Testing services to assess respiratory health and lung function. Our Spirometry Testing is essential for workplaces exposed to environmental factors that can affect air quality and respiratory health.

Accurate Measurements: Utilise advanced Spirometry equipment to measure lung capacity and airflow. Our Spirometry Test ensures precise readings that are critical for assessing the health of your employees.
Professional Analysis: Our experienced professionals interpret the Spirometry Test results to provide comprehensive insights into lung health.
Compliance and Safety: Ensure workplace compliance with health regulations and enhance employee safety with regular Spirometry Testing.
Customised Reporting: Deliver detailed reports tailored to individual and organisational needs through our Spirometry Assessment.

Spirometry Testing Services Offered

Initial Spirometry Testing

Assess baseline lung function for new employees or those not previously tested with a Spirometry Test.

Regular Monitoring

Periodic Spirometry Tests to monitor lung function and detect any changes, particularly in environments with respiratory risks.

Incident Response Testing

Immediate Spirometry Testing following any workplace incident that could impact respiratory health.

Consultative Services

Expert advice on respiratory health management, including risk assessment and mitigation strategies, incorporating Spirometry Lung Function Test insights.

Customised Programs

Development of tailored Spirometry Testing protocols to align with specific organisational health and safety requirements.

Educational Workshops

Training sessions for employees and managers on the importance of lung health, correct testing procedures, and how to interpret Spirometry Test results.

Workplace Spirometry FAQ

Why is Lung Function Testing beneficial?

Lung Function Testing is crucial as it detects early signs of respiratory conditions, ensuring employees are healthy and workplaces are safe, especially where air quality might be compromised.

How long does a Lung Function Test take?

A Lung Function Test typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes, including preparation, the test itself, and discussion of results.

Is Spirometry Testing a legal requirement?

Spirometry is classified as health monitoring. Safework Australia recommends that Spirometry be part of the ongoing health monitoring for employees exposed to certain substances as part of their work

How often should we schedule Spirometry for our employees?

For baseline testing, it’s best to conduct spirometry within the first three months of an employee starting their job. This establishes an initial measure of their lung function for future comparisons.

After the baseline test, we suggest annual spirometry tests to monitor any changes in lung function over the year.

More frequent testing might be necessary if an employee has a history of respiratory disorders or if they are exposed to workplace hazards that could affect their respiratory health.

What kinds of pulmonary issues may be detected during Spirometry?

Spirometry can identify conditions such as asthma, COPD, and other occupational lung diseases, helping to initiate timely treatment or preventive measures.

What industries most commonly use Lung Function Testing at workplaces?

Lung Function Testing is mandatory for workers exposed to certain harmful substances that require health monitoring as per safe work Australia.

Can you fail a Lung Function Test?

“Failing” a Lung Function Test isn’t the right term; results are typically categorised as normal or showing signs of lung impairment, guiding further medical evaluation.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Expertise

Our team includes respiratory therapists and occupational health experts.

Tailored Health Programs

We offer comprehensive solutions that extend beyond testing to include preventive strategies and wellness programs.

Ongoing Support

Continuous monitoring and support for workplaces to ensure long-term health and compliance.

To take the first step towards ensuring a healthy workplace, contact Anitech today to schedule a comprehensive Spirometry Screening session tailored to your needs.

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