June 2022 - ISO Consultant | Occupational Hygiene | Leverage Technology

Acoustic Consultant An acoustic consultant is a certified sound and vibrations professional who helps businesses understand noise and test and design measures to control it as per the client’s requirement. Also called acoustics engineers, acousticians, or sound technicians, they utilise the scientific knowledge of the movement of sound through space in designing and enhancing buildings,...

The Occupational Health and Safety Legislation (OHS) have some fundamental changes that will impact organisations and employees in Australia. Understanding these laws and their fundamental changes is therefore essential, so that organisations can understand the impact to their business operations and then implement the changes within their organisation. Work Health and Safety Laws (WHS) safeguard...

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Workplace Occupational Hygiene monitoring helps identify the hazard exposure, assess risk, and find solutions to overcome or eliminate them. It complements a company’s entire risk management of safety issues and the health effects of hazards on workers. These results serve as inputs to regulate exposure to workplace contaminants. The monitoring must be...

Occupational hygiene is the practice of achieving good health outcomes in workplaces where there are chemical, biological and physical agents. Safe Work Australia has stated that there is significantly more probability, up to 8 times more of Australian workers dying from an occupational disease from work accidents. Statistics further state that approximately 250 people will die...

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