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The role of a cyber security consultant is very important in the times when Australia is one of the top countries hit by cyberattacks. While cybercriminals are elevating their hacking game, cyber security professionals are enhancing system security architectures to prevent data breaches like ransomware in the country. Cyber Security Consultant A Cyber Security Consultant...

Implementation of Multi-factor authentication has become a necessity with an increase in cyber-attacks and breaches of data incidents. Hence, it is essential to secure computer security Businesses and organisations are using MFA, which is safer than TFA (Two-Factor Authentication). Multi-factor authentication Multi-factor authentication is an electronic mechanism that requires users to provide two or more...

Two-factor authentication (TFA) is an extra security layer for your account that prevents illegal hacking and compromising password credentials. It is essential to protect your accounts from cyber-attacks and only trusted people and devices you allow can get access. It is used for safeguarding the computer systems, smartphones, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., thus securing your...

  With the increasing cyber-attacks, Cyber Security consultant has become essential to provide expert advice to small businesses in Australia. In this article, we will discuss the prevalent Cyber Security threats in Australia, small businesses and their lack of information security measures, and how Cyber security consulting can help organisations secure their systems. Cyber Security...

Public Wi-Fi tips are essential for using free internet hotspots, that can be accessed by everyone, and Australia has a huge internet-using population. It stands for wireless fidelity and is available at malls, airports, restaurants, cafes, schools, coffee shops, hotels, schools, stadiums, etc. Though free Wi-Fi, it provides users with ease of internet access on...

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