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ISO 45001 Standard – Introduction ISO 45001 standard is a modern response to the age-old concern for workplace health and safety. It is the first International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety management systems published to combat the rising number of work-related incidents, illnesses, and deaths worldwide. As per the International Labour Organization (ILO), more...

The Occupational Health and Safety Legislation (OHS) have some fundamental changes that will impact organisations and employees in Australia. Understanding these laws and their fundamental changes is therefore essential, so that organisations can understand the impact to their business operations and then implement the changes within their organisation. Work Health and Safety Laws (WHS) safeguard...

Last year presented a significant number of hardships to business’ across Australia, who were faced with challenges regarding redefining how they work, developing innovative ways to provide customers with a pre-COVID-level of service, and ensuring that their employees were provided with safe, supportive work environments. With 2020 finally behind us, many business’ are looking at...

A potential challenge that many organisations may be facing in 2021 is ensuring the continuity of their operations despite significant changes to how they conduct their daily business.  Companies have had to address significant Occupational Health and Safety requirements throughout the past year, resulting in many changes to organisational structures, such as a significant alteration...

Please click here to contact us for more information. Developing and implementing compliant Occupational Health and Safety practices can often be a challenging process for companies. Many businesses address this through the implementation of the internationally recognised ISO 45001 OH&S Management System, which helps them understand the scope of WHS risks they may be exposed to, and develop compliant...

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