Free Brochure: Secrets To Compliant Occupational Hygiene Practices

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Free Brochure: Secrets To Compliant Occupational Hygiene Practices

All businesses, no matter their industry, size, or scope, may be operating in workplaces exposed to a range of occupational hygiene risks, such as excessive noise and vibration exposure, heat stress, chemical hazards, dust and other airborne contaminants exposure, and so on. Unless companies approach the issue of developing compliant occupational hygiene practices in a systematic way, it may be challenging for them to fully identify the scope of occupational hygiene risks their operations may be exposed to, and then take action to ensure they are all operating within compliant levels. Companies that do not adequately address this issue risk putting the health and wellbeing of both their staff and customers in danger, be at risk of incurring non-compliance fines, and damaging their overall reputation. To help with this process, Anitech is offering a free brochure that discusses this issue, through a broad perspective, to all interested businesses.

Compliant occupational health and hygiene practices protect staff and businesses

Occupational hygiene, also known as industrial hygiene, utilises science and engineering processes to measure the extent of staff exposure to onsite hazards. It is a comprehensive service, thoroughly gauging the full extent of onsite environmental risks, ranging from air quality, ventilation and overheating issues, effective ergonomic layouts, and so on. Compliant occupational hygiene practices identify the extent of onsite exposure risks, assess them to determine whether they are within compliant levels, and then develop control measures to both bring them within compliant levels, and ensure they stay there.

Anitech is aware that companies across Australia have been working hard to address this issue, and ensure their occupational hygiene practices remain compliant. To help businesses get on top of the steps they should be taking to develop compliant practices, we have designed a free occupational hygiene brochure for companies.

This brochure clearly explains, in jargon-free language, what occupational hygiene is, why it is so important for businesses, some of the common occupational hygiene risks businesses may be exposed to, and so on.

Further, it also clearly explains the actions businesses should be taking to develop compliant occupational hygiene practices, by contracting a certified occupational hygienist to travel to their worksite, under COVID-Safe conditions, and conduct an occupational hygiene audit. This process sees them thoroughly identifying the scope of occupational hygiene risks a workplace is exposed to, and ascertaining whether they are within compliant levels. If a risk is determined to exceed compliant level, the occupational hygienist will help the company develop effective control measures for bringing the risks to compliant levels, and ensuring it stays there.

Our free brochure is clearly laid out for your convenience

Another benefit of accessing our free occupational hygiene brochure is that it is designed in a visually pleasing manner, with individual occ. hygiene risks separated into visually distinctive areas. The brochure clearly explains various occupational hygiene risks, and how they might each impact an operations in different ways. Different risks are given their own section within the brochure, with an explanation of the risk following its heading. This is done for reader convenience, so that they can easily find and skip to sections of interest to them. Further, its aesthetically appealing layout makes it easy to read and take in information, with it providing a useful introduction into this complex issue.

Contact our specialist consultants today to receive your free brochure

Reading this article has probably left you wanting to access our free occupational hygiene brochure, which is a simple process. Contact our specialist consultants today at by filling out this simple online contact us form, or by phone on 1300 802 163, tell them you read this blog and would like to receive your free occupational hygiene brochure, and they will email it directly to your inbox. It is a short, obligation-free process, aimed at helping organisations get an improved understanding of some of the occ. hygiene risks, their business may be exposed to, and the steps they can take to mitigate them.

Further, if after reading our brochure you would like to know more about this process, please contact our consultants directly for a brief, no-obligation discussion about some of the occupational hygiene challenges your company may be facing, and how an occupational hygiene audit can help you address them. They can then arrange for one of our certified occupational hygienists to travel to your workplace at a time that suits you, and conduct a comprehensive occupational hygiene audit to ensure it is protected against exposure risks, and that its reputation as a safe company to work with is upheld. Doesn’t that sound like something worth reading more about?

Please click here to learn more about why many successful businesses are contracting the services of a certified occupational hygienist.

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