The Simple Steps To A Hygienic Work Environment

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The Simple Steps To A Hygienic Work Environment

For many businesses, achieving and maintaining compliant occupational hygiene practices can seem extremely difficult. To start with, companies must thoroughly identify the extent of their onsite occupational hygiene risks, paying careful attention to ensure nothing is overlooked. Then, all identified risks must be audited against workplace legislation to ensure the business practices are complying with occupational health and safety regulations, and upon identifying at risk factors, the company must work at swiftly rectifying the issue, bringing it to compliant standards. Finally, businesses must also implement ongoing control measures to ensure their occupational hygiene practices remain compliant, and that their worksites are safe environments for everyone. Although this multi-step process can seem quite challenging at first, companies can easily get on top of it by undergoing an occupational hygiene audit of their premises; this article will discuss why it is recommended that all businesses undergo this process.

An occupational hygiene audit ensures workplaces are safe spaces

The occupational hygiene auditing process sees a certified occupational hygienist travel to business worksites and assess the environmental conditions for a range of potential environmental risk factors, including atmospheric contaminants, poor ventilation, indoor air quality, safe chemical handling, noise control, and so on. These occupational hygiene risk factors are assessed against existing workplace policies and legislation, to ensure everything is operating in accordance with their requirements.

The occupational hygienists will be auditing the onsite occupational hygiene risks to achieve several goals, such as thoroughly identifying the scope of onsite occupational hygiene risks, assessing each one to ascertain that they are meeting compliance standards, and ensuring that control measures are implemented so that the compliant practices are maintained in the future.

By contracting a certified occupational hygienist to conduct an occupational hygiene audit of your workplace, your company is ensuring that the auditing process will be smooth, simple and straightforward, as the auditors will help your operations identify all existing occupational hygiene risks your business may be exposed to, evaluate all risks against existing workplace legislation to determine whether the company is meeting their compliance obligations, and develop clear control measures to help maintain compliant practices.

Different businesses may be exposed to distinct industrial hygiene risks

Occupational hygiene is sometimes referred to as industrial hygiene, and it is important to recognise that the steps one business needs to take to achieve compliant occupational hygiene practices may differ to what another company must do to realise the same goal. This is because there are many factors that influence the types of occupational hygiene risks an organisation may be exposed to, including their industry, work type, size, how many staff they employ, the physical layout of their workplace, and so on.

This is one of the key reasons why all businesses should undergo an occupational hygiene audit of their premises, as it will help them identify both obvious and not-so-obvious occ. hygiene risks, and develop clear control processes for them, thus minimising the downtime incurred through staff injury and illness, and helping the organisation remain a competitive industry player.

Our specialist consultants are here to make this process easy for you

If reading this article has left you with some questions about occupational hygiene risks, and how to successfully control them, and you would like to know more about the specifics of this process, then please contact our specialist consultants today by filling out this simple contact us form, or by phone at 1300 802 163 for a short, obligation-free consultation.

All you need to do is tell them a bit about your business, including its industry, size, and some of the occupational hygiene risks you are concerned about. They can then discuss this process with you in more detail, and specifically answer any questions you have about how this process could be applied to your operations. Our consultants can then arrange for a certified occupational hygienist to travel to your worksite, under COVID-Safe conditions, to conduct a comprehensive audit of the premises, ensuring that all your occ. hygiene practices are meeting and maintaining compliant standards. Doesn’t that sound like a simple solution to a potentially difficult problem?

Please click here to learn more about how compliant occupational hygiene practices keep workplaces safe.

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