Why Cyber Security Is Important for Businesses in Australia

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Why Cyber Security Is Important for Businesses in Australia

With an increase in cyber-attacks, Cyber Security is important for businesses in Australia. The digitalisation of small businesses, remote formats, etc is one of the key reasons contributing to the rise in cyber threats that have given a warning on the possible damages. The Australian government has also asked organisations to take precautionary measures against cyber-attacks as a top priority. It is therefore essential to understand Cyber Security and why Australian businesses need it.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the protection of system data from cyber attacks that can cause damage to businesses. It aims to implement a robust framework to secure sensitive company data.

Why Small businesses in Australia are soft targets of hackers?

Small businesses are the soft targets of cybercriminals in Australia owing to the lack of awareness they have on protecting against possible threats. Also, due to their small strength and minimal budget, these enterprises are reluctant on spending on professional cyber security consultants and choose to follow the basic internet security steps. This makes them easy targets as hackers can easily gate-crash their systems and collect sensitive information about the business. They can later use this information to get money out of the enterprise. This will cost both a financial loss and the waiting period involved in getting the information. Hence, small businesses in Australia require a cyber security consultant.

Why small businesses in Australia require a cyber security consultant?

Below listed are the reasons why small businesses should take expert consultation on Cyber security to secure their data:

  • Breach of data

As mentioned earlier, a breach of data can cost an organisation. Hence, to secure company sensitive data from any possible cyber-attack, seeking a good cyber security consultant is a must.

  • Prevent Ransomware attacks

Ransomware has been giving nightmares to businesses in Australia currently. Many Australian businesses were a victim of ransomware that encrypts data or locks you out of your system. Cyber thieves ask for a ransom aka a huge amount to return the stolen information. Also, the possibility of not getting access to the data, even after paying money, is also more. Hence, to guard the company’s systems from ransomware attacks, they need a cyber security consultant.

  • To guard against phishing

These days it is not difficult for cyber thieves to pose as official accounts and send emails or SMS messages asking for important company credentials or encouraging employees to click on the link provided. This is a trap that will enable access to the hackers, who will then tamper with the sensitive data of your business. Hence, it is essential to access emails and messages sent by colleagues who have informed you about sending the same.

  • To analyse risks and provide a robust framework

Cyber Security consultants are trained to analyse risks and loopholes present in a Company’s information security system. Based on their audit, they will offer robust solutions to overcome the risks and achieve strong system frameworks secured from cyber-attacks.

  • To train staff

Cyber Security consultants can train employees of an organisation to make them aware of the possible internet security threats. This will reduce possible cyber attacks on the employee level, which is one of the key sources to get into the company’s systems. Hackers use people working at an organisation to get into their main system framework and hack. A lack of knowledge of the possible cyber security attacks might lead employees into traps laid by cybercriminals. Hence, small businesses need assistance with Cyber Security and threats of the hour.

Below are the possibilities of how hackers can exploit employees and get them into doing tasks causing a cyber-attack:

Authority: A message from the CEO, director or senior can make you respond to it as it comes from a top-level authority

Urgency: The urgency of work required can cause panic amongst employees and make them click on the emails that are a trap!

Emotion: Emails or messages sent with a subject line that injects panic, are also from the phishing clan.

Scarcity: A lucrative deal always lures us to click on the link and visit it, but this can compromise system security. Cybercriminals are experts in sending legitimate-looking emails and messages that can trick anyone who has little information, to click it

Current events: A recent company event can be quite raw among employees and hackers can therefore use it to fool them into clicking scam emails.

So, these were the reasons small businesses in Australia must take expert consultation on Cyber security to safeguard their system security and internet security.

Basic Security tips for employees

Below are some basic security tips that can be followed by employees

Update Software

An updated software has a patch that promotes further security, and hence do not ignore software update notifications.

Back-up data

Backing up data on the cloud can help in the case of a possible cyber-attack.

Inform the IT department of anything fishy

In case of anything fishy, do inform the IT department, and do not take matters into your hand.

Restrict access to confidential data

Restricting access to confidential data for only a select few is recommended.

Multi-factor authentication

Securing access to information with a multi-factor authentication will further secure data from any breach. Only those devices, security codes, face or fingerprint recognition, etc., will be able to access data.

Be updated with cyber security news

Being informed about what’s happening in the cyber security space, what kind of threats, malware, and ransomware are causing a nuisance to businesses, etc., can help to spot any such possibility in the company.

Do not take Cyber security lightly

We always think about what benefit cybercriminals will have by targeting small businesses in Australia, and their possible targets shall be big companies. But that is a misconception, as small enterprises can easily be decoded due to their lack of knowledge and measures are taken on cyber security.

Why is Cyber Security Important?

It is important because a lack of Cyber security can cause loss of company data, financial loss, reputation damage, and a question on the organisation’s authenticity and trust.

When are Cyber attacks mostly to take place?

There is no specific time and time of the occurrence of a cyber attack, they can take place anytime.

What are the tell-tale signs of scam messages?

They include a grammatical error in the spelling mistake of the sender, service provider, computerised message from an unknown source, a message received from an unknown source etc.

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