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We always emphasise that prepare and prevent is always a better strategy than repair and repent.

A safer workplace is a basic need and a legal requirement. In today’s highly regulated and continuously improving health and safety atmosphere, businesses need to take good care for their workplace safety. Be it noise or dust or chemical exposure, be it wearing the right protection gears, be it using the right tools and types of equipment, workplace health and safety got defined industry guidelines and legislative requirements. 

An Anitech, we got qualified occupational hygienists who have broad exposure to various businesses and years of experience in supporting businesses to maintain a safer workplace.  By conducting workplace audits in multiple areas and recommending the right solutions and advice, we always emphasise that prepare and prevent is always a better strategy than repair and repent.



Our audiometric assessments help both employees and businesses to maintain superior Occupational Hygiene and Health safety culture.

Employees exposed to constant noise may face hearing loss. Even with protective equipment, you must conduct a periodical hearing test as part of employee wellbeing and legislative requirements. Such tests help to prevent hearing loss related risk at the early stage itself. Any change in the hearing levels needs special attention and investigation to ensure that as a business, you are taking the corrective measure. 

From high noise level exposure to acoustic shocks to workplace ototoxins, Anitech’s audiometric assessments help both employees and businesses to maintain superior Occupational Hygiene and Health safety culture.



For businesses which got the potential to noise and dust workplace hazard, it is essential to ensure that they take proper polices and corrective actions in place to ensure that it is not creating any trouble. Also, the business is complying with occupational health and safety regulations. Without a proper framework, these exposures can cause problems ranging from hearing loss to lung diseases. 

Identifying outside and inside dust sources, to creating noise baselines, there are many ways Anitech’s qualified consultants can help you address these challenges. The result of a planned approach is healthy employees, and fewer claims and legal problems for the business.


Air Quality

Based on the industry and the lifecycle of product or services, each business got its risks. Every company dreams of zero occupational harm. But it required an effort to assess each activity and identify the risks associated with that in a business. A blanket approach will never work as each company got its risk character. Once we have identified, then we can design the appropriate control measures to protect the employees and the business.

At Anitech, our qualified occupational health advisors take a structured and systematic approach to analyse workplace hazards. We then create a to eliminate these risks and to put appropriate control measures which include awareness training, policies, monitoring mechanisms etc. in place to prevent the occupational hazard.



In simple terms, ergonomics is the study workers and their environment. This stream of studies focuses on how people and things like furniture, other equipment interact, and how we can create a more efficient and comfortable way to avoid any work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). Studies proved that exposure to one or more health hazards over a period creates MSDs. But there are not many organisations who take a systematic approach to identify and prevent such work-related MSDs. The result is higher work health and safety problems and higher WMSD claims.

At Anitech, our qualified occupational health professionals understand the importance of ergonomic and its significance in the modern work environment. In our ergonomic assessments, we try to study each business and its employees and recommend tailored solutions.

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