Information Security

Anitech’s Guide on Information Security Policies for Australian Organisations

The government of Australia has various information security policies organisations can adhere to protect their data or sensitive information. Australia has a well-developed and mature information security policy framework, which is driven by a number of legislative, regulatory, and industry-specific requirements. Information Security Rules To prevent information compromise, information security rules explain how institutions categorise...

What is CPS 234 and why should Australian Organisations Comply with it?

CPS 234 is a regulatory guideline issued by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) that addresses the information security management of entities it supervises. It sets out the minimum information security requirements that APRA-regulated entities must meet. It’s a mandatory requirement and provides a framework for managing and protecting personal and other sensitive information. The...

Australian Cyber Security: Ethical Hacking Process Explained

Ethical Hacking is a legal process of Hacking systems to find vulnerabilities. It helps in preventing or overcoming cyber-attacks by malicious intruders. Former IBM Vice President of Internet Technology, John Patrick, coined the term, which is important in the information technology sector. Ethical Hacking aims to evaluate the information security of target systems, networks, or...

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