Why Anitech

Protecting people, business, environment, and data to help business face the future with peace of mind.

What Does Anitech Do?

Anitech is the leading advisory services business in operational risk and compliance management. We consult in Management Systems, Occupational Hygiene/Health and Technology Solutions.

Known for disrupting the Australian and NZ management consulting market, Anitech works tirelessly to ensure our own clients are not disrupted and is looking to us as their strategic partners for their peace of mind.

Our Mission

Listening, understanding and exceeding customer expectations

Providing innovative business solutions to our clients

Achieving technical excellence in our fields of work

Staying the course, until the objective is reached

Core Beliefs

Our solutions minimise disruption for our clients

We can add value to our clients, large and small, by keeping ahead of their needs

Our engaged and innovative team must stay up to date and customer focused

Our services must be linked to customer vision and efficiency

Flexibility in our work is vital, though we must approach it with integrity

We will enable supportive leadership, including reporting structures at all levels

Our Story

Anita Patturajan - CEO

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Established as a start up by founder, Anita Patturajan, a mechanical and computer science professional at the technology hub in Monash with a focus on Compliance Engineering, Business Process Management and IT Consulting, we have been supporting SMEs for over 20 years in the areas of Management Consulting, Occupational Hygiene and Technology Solutions. Our loyal clients include small and large federal and private organisations.

With a team of 18+ full time consulting staff and an access to more using our professional network and various industry body memberships, we can deliver to the individual needs for our customers. Our team is based in central locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our customers seek our services because we design solutions based on the uniqueness of each client’s operational characteristics.

Our mission on delivering innovative solutions to our clients was well founded as the founders and the Innovation team at Anitech, launched Lahebo in late 2022. The software platform offers a solution for risk and compliance management for businesses.

Isaac Patturajan - Director

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Isaac Patturajan, the driving force behind our company. With a passion for helping businesses thrive in a dynamic world, Isaac excels at identifying risks and opportunities while crafting innovative strategies for control and exploitation. His unique blend of resourcefulness, out-of-the-box thinking, and a laser focus on growth sets him apart. Isaac’s extensive international experience spans India, Australia, and China, giving him unparalleled expertise in sourcing strategies and a global perspective.

Isaac holds key roles as a Director and occupational Hygienist, ensuring that businesses achieve the highest standards of quality and compliance. As the founding director of Lahebo, a pioneering risk and compliance platform, Isaac leads the way in risk management, compliance, strategic planning, and supply chain efficiency. With Isaac Patturajan as your partner, you can navigate the complex business landscape with confidence and achieve sustainable success.

Our Journey


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