From Rigidity to Resilience: Unleashing the Potential of Agile Internal Audit 

In recent years, traditional operating models have been disrupted by technology and remote work practices, and internal audit functions have had to adapt to flexible and scalable audit techniques quickly. This shift is called Agile internal audit and has allowed internal auditors to make lasting changes. Internal audit functions can improve their approach to become more...

Selecting An Appropriate ISO Certification Body For Your Business

Blurb: Companies looking to certify to an ISO Business Management System are often confused about how different certification bodies distinguish themselves, and why they should opt for one over another. They can narrow down this process by thoroughly identifying their own business requirements, and then searching for an ISO certification body that specialises in helping...

The Secret To Overcoming Auditing Challenges

All businesses that have conducted an internal audit would be aware of some of the challenges that may occur that will slow down the process. Miscommunication, convoluted procedures, and confusing documentation are just some of the issues that companies may need to address when conducting an internal audit of their operations. However, it is crucial...

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