What We Do

We understand compliance and management systems. Using our industry experience, domain knowledge, data and technology, we provide compliance services and process improvement frameworks to tackle clients business challenges. We help discover new opportunities and improve existing capabilities.

Strategy Consulting

In today’s business environment, global competition, technology, and changing economic situations make it impossible for organisations to stick with traditional strategies. We help to fill this gap by bringing an agile and exploring mindset combined with the latest tools and technologies to ensure that you got a tailored approach to get an edge over your competition.

The areas we focus on includes.

  • Sustainable and profitable growth
  • Value-based Business Process Improvement
  • Change Management

Management Systems

To ensure that there is a process to achieve quality, sustainability, employee safety, risk reduction, etc. every organisation should follow a set of policies or procedures. It is also crucial that the whole organisation should know about these policies and procedures and make sure that this has regularly been following. These standards are known as management systems.

With hundreds of management system related assignments completed across large, medium, small private and public organisations successfully, our management system experts deliver following services.

  • Compliance Audits
  • Management System Development and Implementation
  • Framework Design
  • Maintenance Services

Technology Services

Across the business, digital innovation is changing everything. For businesses, It is important to understand this landscape to gauge the complexity and business transformation capabilities such changes can bring into your business. We help our clients to build a digital culture to fuel their growth and embrace the culture and experience technology can bring from an essential value-added component in their decision making. With a team of experts to support our clients, our services in technology includes.

  • Information security
  • Data
  • Software solutions

Occupational Hygiene and
Health Services

In a modern age workplace, the essence of employee happiness and productivity is related to the wellbeing of workers. Maintain policies and procedures and follow a compliance culture to ensure that is the way how modern organisations recognise, evaluate and control workplace hazards. This ensures that your business is running effectively and efficiently while protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees. With our multidisciplinary qualified consultants, in the occupational hygiene and health services areas, we provide the following services.

  • Workplace Audits
  • Audiometric Assessments
  • Dust and Noise monitoring
  • Hazard Substances Monitoring
  • OHS Risk Assessments
  • Ergonomics
  • Return to Work Consulting
  • Health and Wellbeing Programs

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