Noise Exposure Calculator

8hr Noise Exposure Calculator

Australian Noise Exposure Standard

The Noise Exposure Standard in all states across Australia is Leq8h (A) 85dB and a Peak (C) of 140db. This means in the frequency of human hearing – the (A) frequency; an employee can be exposed to no more than an average of 85dB for 8hrs or a peak noise of 140dB in the (C) frequency.

Use this table to calculate the 8hr average

(Leq8h (A) dB) noise exposure for your employees.

  • Enter the name and the Leq (A) dB reading from the individual points of assessment contained within your noise assessment report.
  • Enter the time period throughout a normal day that an employee would spend in the vicinity of that individual point of assessment – in HH:MM format.

The calculator will work out the Leq8h (A) dB for that particular employee for comparison against the Noise Exposure Standard of 85dB.

Should your calculated result for your employee or employee groups be over 85dB you are then required by law to address the hierarchy of control to lower the employee’s exposure.

Remember hearing protection should only be your last resort.

Location Ti hrs
Eg. 01:30:00 should be entered as 1.50
LAeq,8h : -Infinity  


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