Now Easily Access WHS Data with Safe Work Australia’s Interactive Website 

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Safe Work Australia has launched an interactive data website for users to access national work health and safety (WHS) and workers’ compensation data. The website offers dashboards, data collections, and reports, allowing users to create charts and tables.

The aforesaid website, which was beta-tested in March 2023, collects, analyses, and publishes information on WHS and compensation arrangements.

With the launch of this website, Safe Work Australia aims to make national work health and safety data more accessible and quicker.

The data is crucial for a healthier, safer, and more productive workplace, with research showing that reducing work-related incidents could increase Australia’s economy by $28.6 billion annually and create 185,500 jobs.

Safe Work Australia CEO calls the Website – a Significant Milestone

Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Baxter called the launch of the interactive data website’ ‘a significant milestone for Safe Work Australia’ and an important step towards making more national work health and safety data available, easily at user’s fingertips.

Safe Work Australia is committed to making workplace health and safety statistics as accessible as possible.

Baxter also emphasised that the introduction of the new data website, as part of a larger data enhancement effort, draws on Safe Work Australia’s interactions with key stakeholders that utilise their data, including the governments, researchers, industry, enterprises, and the community.

Safe Work Australia Branch Manager, Meredith Bryant

Safe Work Australia Branch Manager, Meredith Bryant also shared his thoughts on the website that is indeed a centralised tool for users to access all national WHS and worker’s compensation data at ease.

He called the website an exceptional data tool that aims to empower users to identify and share workplace stories, using data to safeguard workers across Australia and prevent further harm and diseases.
Meredith Bryant also elaborated on how users can easily access the data through a range of dashboards that provide detailed insights into various WHS themes and issues.

To conclude, Bryant thanked everyone for the invaluable feedback given on the website during its test phase.

Safe Work Australia’s new data-driven website is indeed a boon for users, both employers and workers, to get WHS and workers’ compensation data easily.

Organisations can contact us for guidance on how to utilise the website to make informed decisions for workers’ health and safety, and secure work environments.

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