Anitech is Proud to be a Finalist in the 2021 IABCA Small Business Of The Year Awards

16/12/2020by admin0Read: < 1 minute

One of Anitech’s core philosophies is about providing innovative and customised solutions to our clients utilising technology. We are a one stop resource for innovative solutions and continual support for all business improvement processes. We pride ourselves on working with companies to assess their needs, solve their problems and then providing them with the appropriate business improvement solutions.

We were honoured to have our straight-forward approach to business solutions recognised by the India Australia Business and Community Awards Panel, by becoming a finalist in their 2021 Small Business of the Year Awards. The IABCA celebrates the business relationship between India and Australia, and has achieved wide recognition as a platform for business relations, development, and community engagement.

Anitech is pleased to have its business achievements recognised by this association, and wishes all the business finalists good luck at the Gala Awards.


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