Selecting An Appropriate ISO Certification Body For Your Business

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Blurb: Companies looking to certify to an ISO Business Management System are often confused about how different certification bodies distinguish themselves, and why they should opt for one over another. They can narrow down this process by thoroughly identifying their own business requirements, and then searching for an ISO certification body that specialises in helping companies within their industry achieve and maintain certification. This article explains some of the challenges companies face in achieving certification, and some effective strategies to help them overcome them, strengthening their operations in the process.

Business’ looking to implement and certify to an internationally recognised Business Management System face the challenge of selecting an appropriate ISO certification body. They need to find one that can appropriately address their unique operational requirements, help them audit their existing operations to understand exactly what steps need to be taken to achieve certification, and assist them with certifying to a Business Management System that specifically addresses the individual requirements of their operations. Further, they should find one that offers tailored service, ensuring that the Standards not only assist them in achieving regulatory compliance, but also help them in ensuring that their daily business practices are effectively working towards their long-term operational goals.

An effective method for deciding what certification body your business is going to work with is to first identify your specific business requirements, and ascertain how you want a certification body to help you achieve them. The International Organization for Standardization has a wide selection of different Business Management Systems available to organisations, each of which helps business’ achieve regulatory compliance in different areas and fields. For example, for organisations looking to strengthen their information security practices and ensure that all the confidential data they work with is protected, the implementation and certification to the ISO 27001 Information Security Standards would be advisable, as they provide organisations with proven successful strategies for safeguarding data, identifying potential information security breaches, and ensuring that all staff are trained on what to do in the event of an incident.

However, if the business works with food, and wants to ensure it remains contamination-free across all points of the food supply chain, the organisation would be advised to work towards certifying to the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Standards. Different Business Management Systems help organisations achieve regulatory compliance in various ways, so before deciding on what ISO certification body to work with, a business should thoroughly understand its requirements, and exactly what they want the ISO certification body to help them with.

What you need to consider when selecting an ISO certification body

There are several important considerations that need to be addressed when selecting one ISO certification body over another. To start with, it is advisable to work with a certification body that has specialised experience working with business’ in your industry. This ensures that they will be able to identify the scope of your business’ requirements, ensure that nothing is overlooked when working towards certification, and help your organisation develop a clear strategy to work towards its long-term compliance goals.

For example, if your business works in the agricultural sector, it will have a unique set of requirements, concerns, and issues that need to be addressed when working towards certification of a Business Management System, that organisations in vastly different industries may not need to consider. Therefore, it is important that you decide to work with a certification body that has experience helping business’ in your industry.

Further, it is advised that business’ work with certification bodies that have a strong reputation within their industry for having high standards and working alongside business’ to ensure that they meet certification requirements. In addition, many certification bodies offer a comprehensive integrated audit for companies, where they work with business’ to help them certify to multiple ISO Standards simultaneously. This process significantly streamlines the certification process for companies, ensuring that they can work towards addressing a number of business concerns – such as information security, effective work health and safety practices, and streamlining their operational processes – at the same time.

How to narrow down the search for a certification body

To help narrow down your search for an appropriate certification body, your organisation should first thoroughly identify its business objectives, and how it wants a Business Management System to help it achieve its operational goals. Once it has a comprehensive understanding of what it needs to achieve, it can begin searching for a certification body that specialises in that area.

Further, as business’ in different industries will have their own unique set of concerns and requirements that they need to address, it is worthwhile for business’ to do their own research into what certification bodies specialise in their particular area. Different certification bodies will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, and have experience working with particular types of organisations. Once you have identified the specific requirements of your company, you can effectively work towards finding the appropriate certification body for it.

Also, it is worthwhile researching what certification bodies key companies within your sector are working with. If there seems to be a unified consensus within your sector that a particular ISO certification body is most effective at helping relevant business’ achieve compliance, then it is a good idea to research that particular provider, to ascertain whether they can help your business achieve its long-term compliance goals, and get a competitive edge.

How to find out more

If you would like to learn more about the steps that business’ should be undertaking to select the ISO certification body that is right for them, then please call Anitech’s specialised consultants today on 1300 802 163. We have a wide range of specialised industry consultants, with experience in myriad sectors, including information security, food safety, quality management, work health and safety, and more, and they will be able to discuss with you the specific needs that your organisation is working to address, and some actions that could be taken to work at achieving them. Doesn’t that sound like the right way to certify?

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