Customer Success Story: How A Quality Management System Helped This Company Stay On Track

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One of the most rewarding aspects about working as a specialist Business Management Systems consultant is hearing positive customer feedback, congratulating them on a job well done. Part of the job that Anitech’s specialist business consultants have is working with individual companies to help them ascertain their needs, better understand how an effective business management system could be tailored to their operations and helping them align their daily operational practices with their long-term business goals. Anitech recently helped an organisation implement a Quality Management System across their entire operations and through this, the company was able to strengthen their overall processes, and ensure that their operations ran clearly and easily.

We recently worked with brake, steering and car suspension specialists Pedders, in helping them implement the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Standards. These standards help business’ enhance their quality management principles, through identifying and mitigating inefficiencies, streamlining processes, and delivering an overall stronger, more customer focused experience, with a strong focus on continual improvement.

Pedders recently completed a QMS project with Anitech, and after reviewing their existing operations, and devising a clear action plan outlining how a QMS could be implemented across the scope of their operations, Anitech was pleased to grant them certification to these standards. To demonstrate their dedication to high standards and continual improvement, Pedders has made a commitment to undertaking ongoing maintenance work of their processes, to continually ensure that they meet the high standards outlined in ISO 9001 QMS. The ISO 9001 Standards have seven fundamental QMS principles that business’ need to work with to help strengthen and improve their entire operations, including a stronger customer focus, effective leadership, engaging staff and customers, and striving for continual improvement.

They are committed to embracing new technology to strengthen their processes

As part of this process, our consultants worked with the Pedders Engineering Team to identify areas where their business processes could be enhanced. It was discovered that through the implementation of the SharePoint collaboration platform, the business would be able to take advantage of technology solution services to develop a more user-friendly operation. For example, the SharePoint platform offers a number of technological advantages that older software does not, and by migrating your business services from Excel Spreadsheets to SharePoint, an organisation can deliver an enhanced customer service experience, in a timelier manner.

It was during difficult circumstances that Anitech’s consultants worked on this plan, as it was largely during the COVID lockdown that this project was completed. However, through being able to adapt to new work environments, and take advantage of a range of technology solutions to effectively work from home while continuing to deliver the same high quality customer service experience, Anitech’s team, comprising of three specialised consultants, were able to help Pedders strengthen their operations, develop an effective method of conducting business that takes full advantage of technology solutions, and help them achieve their larger business objectives.

Anitech is thrilled to have helped this company achieve its goals, and we are delighted to receive positive feedback from Pedders about this process, and our commitment to helping companies achieve regulatory compliance in a straight-forward manner.

Ensure that your business stays competitive

If you would like to know more about how Anitech can help your business improve its overall operations, identify potential areas of concern and safeguard against them, and deliver an overall superior customer service experience, then please get in touch with our specialist consultants today on 1300 802 163. All you need to do is give them a brief explanation of your business operations, the kinds of challenges it is facing, and what its long-term organisational objectives are, and they will be able to discuss with you how either the ISO 9001 Standards, or one of our other Business Management Standards, could be tailored across your operations to help it achieve its larger operational objectives, whilst also upholding its reputation as a reliable organisation to deal with. Doesn’t that sound like a seal of quality worth aiming for?

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