Exclusive Webinar: Harmonising Risk and Compliance for Business Success 

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Anitech’s recent webinar, hosted by CEO Anita Patturajan, focused on aligning risk and compliance management for business success. Held on February 22nd, the webinar emphasised the critical aspects of this alignment, delving into risk management, compliance, and their interrelation. Anita discussed the risk methodology defined in ISO 31000 and highlighted the need to view risks as both potential harm and opportunities.

The webinar covered legal compliance, breaking down the compliance framework into a pyramid and emphasizing its mandatory nature. Practical challenges in the Australian legal landscape, variations across states, and the sheer volume of legislation were explored. Real-world examples of prosecutions and fines for non-compliance were shared, emphasizing the importance of accurate sustainability claims.

The webinar was an interactive session that addressed participant questions, covering topics like the number of legislations businesses need to comply with and the challenges posed by the complexity of regulations. Anita shared statistics on the extensive legislative landscape, highlighting the significant number of regulators.

The discussion shifted to the integration of risk and compliance management, outlining a comprehensive process, including identifying hazards, linking them to applicable legislation, implementing risk controls, and conducting regular compliance reviews. The importance of effective communication channels, investment in tools and technology, and fostering a culture of compliance were emphasised.

Furthermore, challenges related to information overload and the need for clear communication channels and ongoing training were addressed. The webinar concluded with a participant expressing the challenge of effectively engaging the organisation in executing the strategy. Anita Patturajan acknowledged the complexity of the process and emphasised the need for a collective effort.

Overall, the webinar provided a comprehensive overview of aligning risk and compliance management, incorporating real-world examples, participant engagement, and practical strategies for implementation. The event was attended by customers and Anitech’s team, mainly from the health and safety and cybersecurity sectors.

To participate in future webinars or seek guidance on risk and compliance issues, you can contact Anitech at 1300 802 163 or via email at sales@anitechgroup.com.


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