How Anitech Is Helping SMEs Create Greener, and More Sustainable Future

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“Businesses can’t afford to ignore carbon emissions, says Anitech CEO Anita Patturajan, calling the act of measuring carbon emissions an essential step towards sustainable practices for businesses in Australia.

She further explains how Anitech takes the guesswork out of sustainability programs.

Anitech’s team has been constantly striving to add value to the environment as well as helping SMEs by implementing sustainability practices for various Australian

Anitech’s Senior Consultant and part of HSE team, Mariyam Sayers, has been at the forefront of environment management system projects for various manufacturers and distributors and witnessed how Australian organisations are shifting their objectives to encompass sustainable practices.

“We are highly encouraged by the increased interest from businesses looking to develop an environmental management systems and seeking to measure and manage their carbon footprint,” mariyan Sayers says.

For the last 20 years, the environment has been a core offering in Anitech’s management system advisory. We have extended our services to include Environmental, Social, and Governance strategies (ESG) and carbon-neutral programs for businesses.

Further speaking on sustainability practices, Sayers adds, “We combine industry knowledge and best practice informed by science to help businesses become more sustainable and climate literate.”

Anitech can help Certified SMEs achieve Carbon Neutral

To achieve carbon neutrality, businesses need to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to as much as possible and offset any remaining emissions by investing in activities or projects that remove an equivalent amount of GHGs from the atmosphere.

We encourage businesses to emphasise reduction strategies and sustainable practices first.

These are the recommended steps businesses can take to achieve carbon neutrality:

1. Measure

Assess your carbon footprint by measuring GHG emissions across all operations, including energy use, transportation, and production.

2. Reduce

After identifying major sources of GHG emissions, implement strategies to reduce your carbon footprint. This may include investing in energy-efficient technologies, using renewable energy sources, and improving supply chain efficiency.

3. Offset

Once emissions are reduced as much as possible, any remaining emissions can be offset. Anitech will help you find offset projects that are verified and aligned with your core business.

4. Monitor

Monitor your emissions and offsetting efforts over time to ensure you remain carbon neutral.

5. Communicate

Communicate this achievement to customers, stakeholders, and the public to raise awareness and encourage others to take similar action

Anitech’s Assessment Process for Green House Gas Emissions

Achieving carbon neutrality is a milestone to be celebrated. Communicating this achievement to customers, stakeholders, and the public is important to raise awareness and encourage others to take similar action.

Becoming carbon neutral requires a long-term commitment to sustainability and continuous efforts to reduce GHG emissions. By taking these steps, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to addressing climate change while reaping the benefits of increased energy efficiency, cost savings, and improved reputation.

As a senior consultant, Mariyam will typically plan the assessment and associated costs based on how big a business is, the number of locations, the type of industry, industry standards, etc. We then commence a kick-off session, where clients are informed of what data they’ll need to collect, including environmental aspects such as energy consumption, waste, and where the money is spent.

Once the data has been collected, the team calculates emissions from each data point through our software and generates a greenhouse gas report. We then advise on high-level reduction strategies and comparisons against other organisations and industries.

Getting carbon-neutral certified can become a daunting task for businesses, and the different frameworks and certifications can make it a confusing place to be.

“At Anitech, it’s our job to keep up with all these standards and frameworks and help you take the best decisions for your business. If you’re not going carbon neutral or at least measuring emissions, you can potentially lose out on a lot of business, says Anitech CEO Anita Patturajan.

“There is a huge consumer pressure from businesses to their supply chain to become more environmentally aware, and you can risk business and government work unless you are certified,” she adds.

Partner with Anitech to promote Sustainability Practices

Interested in learning more about reducing your emissions, becoming carbon-neutral certified, and implementing sustainable practices for your business? You can reach out to us.

Additionally, if a business wants to become carbon-neutral certified based on its GHG assessment process, Anitech will work with you throughout the entire process.

Contact Anitech’s team on 1300 802 163 for a confidential discussion. We now have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney and a qualified team of consultants and partners to support your carbon-neutral project.


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