How ISO 14001 Certification Improves Work Environments

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What do you think the main benefits of developing a socially sustainable, environmentally friendly business are? To start with, it helps companies avoid non-compliance fines, demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly practices, and helps create and maintain a reputation as a reputable business to work with. However, these are far from the only benefits environmentally friendly practices bring to organisations, as they can also help with cost reduction, and the development of clearer, more streamlined processes. Businesses that implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) across their operations can easily set clear, achievable objectives to work towards when in comes to minimising the overall environmental impact of their operational processes. This article will discuss how certification to the ISO 14001 EMS Standards helps companies develop straight-forward, actionable processes in working towards developing a more environmentally friendly, efficient operations.

ISO 14001 consulting services make this process easy

Organisations looking to develop more efficient, environmentally friendly practices should consider implementing the ISO 14001 EMS Standards. ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised Business Management System that helps companies develop compliant, socially sustainable business practices to mitigate the impact of their operations on the environment. This is achieved by auditing the companies existing operations for inefficiencies, unnecessary processes, and so on. Through ISO 14001 certification, companies can develop alternative, socially conscious procedures that actively work at reducing the effects the business processes may have on the environment.

What this means for individual companies will depend upon several factors, including their industry, work type, size, number of staff they employ, and so on. An EMS works at making things easier, more effective, and efficient. For example, many businesses continue to circulate hardcopy correspondence, in the form of memos, briefings, and payslips. An EMS would have businesses audit processes such as this, and get them to investigate whether alternative, more environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions are feasible. One way a company could address this challenge is by circulating all office correspondence through electronic channels, such as email, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. Not only does this make things more efficient, and data more readily available, it also helps reduce costs, as organisations no longer need to continually purchase paper reams.

An Environmental Management System can increase staff morale

By implementing an EMS, businesses will begin to notice changes and improvements across their operations. In addition to improving operational processes, ISO 14001 certification can also work at strengthening staff and client morale. The changes made to business processes across Australia, due to the pandemic, have been significant. Many people have reservations about working for or with a business, unless the company can demonstrate that it is committed to safe, socially sustainable practices, and has taken active steps to achieve these goals. Through EMS implementation, companies demonstrate a commitment to socially conscious practices, a safe, efficient workplace, and compliance to relevant environmental regulations. This kind of reassurance can distinguish a business from its competitors, open potential trading doors, and help businesses develop proactive risk-mitigation strategies.

ISO 14001 certification is made easy with the help of our specialist consultants

Developing efficient, compliant practices that actively reduce the environmental impact of an operations is a complex issue, that this article has briefly touched on. You may have some queries about this process, such as how it can be specifically tailored to your business to ensure it gets the maximum benefit from it, some other environmental issues it can help a company address, what is involved in the certification process, and so on.

Please contact our specialist consultants today by email at sales@anitechgroup.com or by phone on 1300 802 163 for a quick, obligation-free discussion about this process. The more information you provide about your business the better they will be able to answer your queries, so be sure to have info on hand about your operations, including its size, work type, some of the challenges it is looking to address, and so on.

If you are happy with how the discussion goes, our consultants will then be able to begin the ISO 14001 certification process, and help your company work towards its goals of being a socially sustainable, competitive, safe company, and a leader in its industry. Aren’t you curious to hear more about that?


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