Our Preventing Food Recalls Webinar Will Help Businesses Stay Compliant

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There have been several high-profile food product recalls within Australia over the past few years, due to food contamination concerns. A single incident of food contamination can severely impact the reputation of a business, make potential trading partners reluctant to continue working with a company, and decrease customer confidence. That is why it is crucial that businesses develop effective, compliant food safety practices.

Anitech is aware that many businesses within the food industry are attempting to overcome this issue, so to help them get on top of this on Wednesday, the 24th of November, 11am Melbourne time, we will be hosting a free informative webinar on what companies can be doing to prevent food recalls and protect their operations.

The webinar is titled Preventing Food Recalls, Protecting Your Business, and it will be hosted by Sabina and Renita, Anitech’s food safety specialists. it will be an informative, interesting session that will offer useful insight into the most common reasons behind food recalls, particularly within the manufacturing industry, and how to protect your operations from food contamination risks.

Our hosts will discuss how by implementing a certified Food Safety Management System businesses will be able to develop effective, compliant strategies for addressing this issue, and ensuring their food remains safe across their entire food supply chain.

Following half an hour of practical insight and case study discussions, a ten-minute Q&A session will follow, which will provide attendees with the opportunity to ask our experts questions about what their operations could be doing to develop compliant food safety practices, and uphold its reputation.

Although it is a free session, spots are limited so please RSVP at your earliest convenience to secure your place at our informative session, and learn more about this important issue.


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