Understanding ISO 9001 Certification Timelines: What to Expect 

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ISO 9001 certification is a globally recognized standard for quality management systems. The certification process involves several stages, including gap analysis, documentation, implementation, and audit.

In this blog, we have discussed how long it takes to get ISO 9001 Certification.

How Long Does it Take to Get ISO 9001 Certification?

Crafting and accrediting Quality Management Systems can be accomplished in as little as 10 days, but expediting the process to this extent may lead to rushed development and subpar implementation. Conversely, extended timelines often result in dwindling project momentum, with competing priorities overshadowing the endeavour.

Hence, striking a balanced timeframe appears to be the most effective approach. A proper span of 6-12 months for implementing ISO 9001 is recommended to ensure the business doesn’t miss any important requirements.

The Certification Process Timeline

Here is the certification process timeline to assist organisations:

1) Preparation (1-3 Months):

Before embarking on the certification journey, organizations typically spend one to three months preparing. This phase involves initial assessments, identifying gaps in processes, and developing a roadmap for ISO 9001 compliance.

2) Implementation (6-12 Months):

The heart of the certification process is the implementation phase, which can span from six to twelve months. During this time, the organisation works diligently to align its operations with ISO 9001 requirements, which includes developing documented processes, training employees, and ensuring compliance at every level.

3) Internal Audit (1-2 Months):

Once the Quality Management System (QMS) is in place, an internal audit is conducted to evaluate its effectiveness and readiness for certification. This audit phase typically takes one to two months.

4) Certification Body Selection (1-2 Months):

Choosing a Certification Body accredited by organizations like JAS-ANZ is a crucial step. This phase, which can last one to two months, involves soliciting quotations and selecting the right body for your organization.

5) External Audit (2-5 Days):

The external audit, conducted by a Certification Body, is the culmination of the certification process. Depending on the organization’s size and complexity, this audit typically spans two to five days.

6) Certification Granted:

If you successfully navigate the audit and address any significant non-conformances, you’ll receive ISO 9001 certification!

It’s important to note that these timeframes are approximate and can vary based on the unique circumstances of each organisation. The key to expeditious certification lies in diligent preparation, effective implementation, and seamless collaboration with a reputable Certification Body.

Three simple steps for ISO 9001 Certification

1) Create and execute a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

2) Conduct an internal audit to confirm that the quality management system complies with ISO 9001 clauses 4 -10 and is successfully implemented and convene a QMS Management Review Meeting.

3) Hire a JAS-ANZ Accredited Certification Body to do the ISO 9001 audit in two stages:

  • Stage 1 is a documentation audit to confirm your system fulfils ISO 9001 criteria, and
  • Stage 2 is an implementation audit to check the system has been implemented as documented.

And that wraps it up – once an organisation has successfully passed the audit and addressed any significant non-conformances, it is certification!

However, organisations that have never built a Quality Management System before should consider collaborating with an experienced ISO 9001 Consultant from Anitech to assist with the process. The consultant will ensure businesses are fulfilling all the regulatory requirements and comply with any new updates, making the Certification Body audit – a mere tick-box exercise.

In case Companies believe they are on the right track but want to know their stand in the race to achieve the certification, Anitech Consultant can conduct a Gap Analysis Audit.

Prior to completing Stage 1 of the certification audit, Gap Audits are a wonderful method to have an external party conduct an objective review of the quality management system and give an organisation a proactive list of suggestions.

Is Quick ISO 9001 Certification Possible?

When the need for a certified Quality Management System arises swiftly, such as when ISO 9001 is a prerequisite for a tender, the possibility of achieving a Fast ISO 9001 Certification within just 10 days can be explored. It’s important to note that this expedited process is contingent on specific conditions, but it is indeed attainable under the right circumstances.

Anitech’s ISO 9001 Consultants can assist businesses with quick ISO 9001 Certification.

It’s essential to bear in mind that organisations will have the privilege of using the Certification Body’s logo once certified. Therefore, if this holds significance for a business, it’s prudent to ensure that it resonates with and approves of the logo before finalising the choice of the Certification Body. This small but significant detail can have a lasting impact on a Company’s brand image and reputation.

Cost of ISO Certification

The cost of ISO 9001 certification is influenced by various factors, encompassing consultancy fees, training, documentation, and audit charges.

The figures may vary depending on the country, and experience of the organisation. In Australia, the overall certification cost can span from a few thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars.

For companies aspiring to secure ISO 9001 certification and harbouring concerns about the associated costs, our recommendation is to seek multiple quotations from ISO 9001 consultants and JAS-ANZ-recognised certification bodies.

However, exercising due diligence is paramount.

Organisations should familiarise themselves with the critical criteria when selecting an ISO 9001 Quality Consultant, as an inadequately structured system may result in long-term expenses.

However, caution is advised when encountering remarkably low-cost ISO 9001 Certification offers, as quality should never be compromised in pursuit of economy.

Anitech can offer businesses a good price for implementing a robust ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS) and assist in internal audits and certification.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification 

ISO 9001 certification delivers a trifecta of advantages: heightened customer satisfaction amplified operational efficiency, and augmented credibility. When assessing the certification cost, organisations should weigh these long-term benefits and the return on investment it offers.

It is important to choose a reputable certification body and ensure compliance with all requirements to achieve successful certification.

How can Anitech help?

Anitech’s experienced ISO 9001 consultants specialise in crafting, developing, and executing ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management Systems from inception. Whether a business is creating from scratch or possesses an existing management system, our expertise extends to the seamless integration of ISO 9001:2015 into its current framework to develop a robust Integrated Management System (IMS).

For example, ISO 45001 for Safety or ISO 14001 for Environmental.

Our team of proficient ISO 9001 Consultants boasts a flawless track record, securing certification for clients from various industries.

We firmly back our commitment to ensuring businesses achieve the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management systems, supported by accreditation from reputable JAS-ANZ-certified Certification Bodies.

Contact us now for a quick quote at 1300 802 163 or e-mail – sales@anitechgroup.com.

Our consultants will reach out to you shortly.

For more information, stay tuned to our website.


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