Understanding the Process of Managing Systems after Certification

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Once an organisation has achieved certification to one of the management system standards:

The organisation embarks on a Journey to:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction – Quality Management systems
  • Reduce OHS Risks – Occupational and Health and Safety systems
  • Reduce Impact on the Environment – Environmental Management systems
  • Provide Safe Food – HACCP / Food safety systems
  • Secure and protect the Information – Information Security Management Systems

To maintain and meet the requirements of a standard, companies need to constantly review and assess their management systems to:

  1. Ensure its continuing suitability and success
  2. Reveal gaps in their system
  3. Suggest possible improvements
  4. Eliminate the waste and cut costs
  5. Check the effectiveness of management at all levels
  6. If methods can achieve the objectives

Internal Audits

One of the requirements listed in all the above-mentioned management systems standards is to conduct internal audits regularly in order to ensure ongoing compliance with the management system standards and ensure the implemented system is complying with requirements outlined in the Manual, procedures, and Work Instructions. Stay up to date with the requirements of the Management system standards, not only allow you to stay certified it will also ensure that your business is customer-focused, Pro actively manages OHS risks and Proactively reduces its impact on the environment.

Internal Audits as the name reflects are conducted internally. The internal audit results are handed to the management for follow-up in order to focus on continual Improvement. The internal audit has a wide-reaching brief that considers anything which might be important to an organisations success.

If you need to have an internal audit of your Management systems, feel free to contact the Internal Auditing specialists at Anitech Consulting to assist you now.

Management Review Meeting

All the above-mentioned standards require that Management review meetings are conducted at regular intervals to ensure continuing suitability of the implemented management and identify trends, and opportunities for improvements, and discuss and resolve changes and challenges.

If your business needs assistance with facilitating a Management review meeting, feel free to contact Anitech.

Managing Non-Conformances

One of the most important benefits of implementing a management system is to document non-conformance, identify the root cause (the real reason that caused the non-conformance), identify actions that will ensure the non-conformance does not recur, implement the actions and then evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented actions.
Anitech Consulting consultants have several years of experience in assisting business address non-conformance, assist with identifying the root cause, developing actions to address the root cause, and assist with Implement actions.


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