What Are the Key Responsibilities of an IT Security Consultant?

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IT Security Consultant and Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of an IT security consultant explain why this profession is not for every person. It is a serious and stressful job that requires skills to spot, handle and tackle cyber-attacks and possible information security threats. An IT Security consultant caters to every industry that uses IT systems and his customers are small and big enterprises from major Australian cities, including Canberra and Melbourne.

Who is an IT Security Consultant?

An IT Security consultant is a certified professional who analyses your computer systems for various security loopholes and does audits and pen testing to find out what is preventing your systems from achieving top-notch security. Based on the audit of your company’s system, software programs, and networks, an IT security consultant will create a robust strategy to achieve compliance and overcome security hurdles. These solutions will help a business achieve a secured Information Security Management System (ISMS). The consultant will also help an organisation in meeting the requirements required to get ISO 27001 certification.

Roles and key responsibilities

The role of an IT Security Consultant is multifaceted and demanding. It requires a person to be a confident risk-taker, a born leader who can spot cyber security threats and provide robust solutions to them, and strengthen a company’s ISMS. He must take the leadership role and guide businesses and their employees. They must implement and execute strategies after analysing and doing a risk assessment, pen testing, etc of an organisation’s information security management systems.

Below given are the key job roles and responsibilities of an IT Security Consultant

  1. Analyse and conduct pen testing and risk assessment test to find system vulnerabilities.
  2. Provide a robust plan and design security system architectures for IT projects.
  3. Work with IT departments to rectify specific internet safety issues.
  4. Work closely with engineers, managers, and other security analysts.
  5. Supervise and train the security staff.
  6. Offer security solutions and regulatory compliance to ISO 27001 and the standard business policies.
  7. Regularly update and upgrade security systems regularly.
  8. Deliver official reports summarising the findings of the test.
  9. Maximise efficiency in protecting data and information systems, networks, and application software against cyber-attacks.
  10. Continual research on security systems, cybersecurity criteria, security systems, and validation procedures.

Job-specific skills

In addition to the general skills listed above, security consultants should also have specific knowledge encompassing the following areas.

  1. Familiar with different operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX, and others.
  2. Risk assessment and management as per standards.
  3. Penetration testing and measuring the vulnerability rating of cyber programs and software to understand risk.
  4. Knowledge of implementing Firewall safety and management, which covers breach detection, prevention protocols, and data backups.
  5. Expert in programming languages, especially the ones related to the storage and processing of raw data.
  6. Practical knowledge of threat modeling and configuration.
  7. Ethical hacking and knowledge of various encryption techniques, and professional anti-hacking knowledge to prevent information security attacks.
  8. Must have knowledge of advanced threat management that includes social engineering, phishing and network access control.

Other Skills for Successful IT Security Consultants

A good observer

A security consultant must have exceptional observation skills and must be able to spot even the smallest vulnerability in an organisation’s information system security architecture.

Analytical skills

They should be skilled in performing penetration testing as well as in measuring cyber programs for vulnerability ratings. Their job will involve constant monitoring and analysis and consultants must be comfortable in doing the same.

Impeccable organisation

To organise and provide a robust security structure and solutions to a business, an IT Security Consultant must be organised in terms of his work, documentation of processes, and overlooking and monitoring systems at regular intervals. The consultant must be well-versed with the Company’s cyber security status and loopholes if any.

Excellent Communication

IT Security Consultants, who can simplify the complex terminologies and procedures involved in information security are preferred by organisations and businesses. To be the best, you be capable of explaining cyber security risks, plans, and processes to execute.

Quick Decision-making

When an information security threat has been reported, an IT security consultant must be a quick decision-maker and must analyse it quickly to provide security steps to overcome it. Any delay on the part of the consultant might compromise the security systems of a company and cause severe damage.

Job Experience Required

A well-informed graduate or post-graduate in Cyber Security with three to five years of experience will be preferred for the job role. The candidate must be tech-savvy and updated with the latest cyber security threats, hacking, and security strategies. Individuals must read newspapers, magazines, and websites on cyber security.

Best Degrees to become a Security Consultant

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance – B.S.

Cybersecurity and Information Assurance – M.S.

Aspiring IT security consultants can opt for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Cyber security. In the bachelor’s degree, individuals will learn about the design and analysis of secure systems, risk management, web development, technical hacking, incident reporting, and digital forensics. The Master’s will have advanced studies in forensics, network solution and a capstone project. In a capstone project, students will find solutions for a real-world cyber security issue. 

Is Information Security consulting a good career?

It is a challenging and rewarding career for professionals passionate about decoding the hackers’ game and constantly striving to provide top-notch cyber security solutions. It is a good career and much in demand owing to the evolving technology and hackers who are on the hunt for new ways to hack systems.

What is the salary earned by an IT Security Consultant in Australia?

Freshers can anticipate a salary between £25,000 and £35,000. When it comes to experienced IT Security Consultants, their earnings range from around £35,000 to in max of £60,000. In higher-level managerial roles, the maximum salary offered is about £70,000.

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