Why a Cyber Security Consultant Is Essential for Small Businesses in Australia?

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With the increasing cyber-attacks, Cyber Security consultant has become essential to provide expert advice to small businesses in Australia. In this article, we will discuss the prevalent Cyber Security threats in Australia, small businesses and their lack of information security measures, and how Cyber security consulting can help organisations secure their systems.

Cyber Security threats for small businesses in Australia

The most common cyber security threats for small businesses in Australia include malware and viruses that can compromise system security and infrastructure, and lead to the destruction of the information security network or theft of sensitive data. Other threats are email phishing, ransomware attacks, Cloud-Jacking, etc. In email phishing, the hackers will lure you to click on the professional-looking emails and grant access, pay invoices, etc.

Ransomware is topping the list of cyber security threats in Australia and has given nightmares to businesses and its owners, both small and big. It is known for encrypting important files or taking over your systems to demand ransom for retrieval. Many small businesses and big companies have been victims of ransomware attacks. Some have even paid the demanded amount to retrieve access to their company data.

Hence, small businesses must seek expert advice from good Cyber Security consulting services to achieve information security surveillance, to fight information security threats. To choose a good Cyber Security consultant, it is essential to understand their roles and responsibilities.

Small businesses and Cyber Security Consulting

Small businesses in Australia are one of the most vulnerable enterprises to cyber security attacks. The reason is the lack of knowledge of the latest information security standards, less or no investment in cyber threats prevention, financial constraints, lack of trained staff, etc. Hence, small enterprises are the easy targets of cyber thieves. It is therefore essential to educate small businesses on the possible cyber security threats in Australia, and that they are the soft targets of cybercriminals.

Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting Services offers expert professional guidance against cyber security threats. It involves a step-by-step guide of solutions to achieve information security strength. The assistance is given based on the analysis of the system framework of a business. A consulting firm will guide you about the possible threats and how your organisation can mitigate them. They will also analyse the already applied controls and suggest new ones if required based on your company.

Role and responsibilities of Cyber Security Consultant

The roles and responsibilities of a Cyber Security consultant are crucial to the security of an organisation. In Australia, for a business to hire a consultant, the below key job responsibilities are seen:

1) A Cyber Security consultant analyses the information security management systems of a business and checks for risk factors preventing success.

2) They are the technical architect who will implement a strategy to overcome security loopholes and enhance information security as per ISO standards.

3) A cyber security consulting firm can do penetration testing, security audits, and risk assessment. They can offer a leadership role for achieving cyber security goals.

4) They also have to conduct meetings with the Information Technology (IT) department to discuss loopholes, and give them professional solutions for preventing cyber threats and enhancing computer security.

5) The role also includes training the office staff on information and cyber security threats and offering them professional advice on internet safety precautions to be taken on an individual level.

6) He/she will also be responsible for industry research on cyber security and achieving system integrity by implementing robust solutions.

7) Other roles include achieving system security resilience, and creating and maintaining reports and policies as per ISO standards.

8) They also play a key role in helping businesses get ISO 27002:2022 certified. They will provide advice on areas where the Company’s information security systems need enhancement

Qualification of Cyber Security Consultants – Why it’s important to choose the correct consultant with the required qualification.

Not all companies claiming qualifications are really qualified, to provide the advice.  Know the difference between product/service providers and consulting services. Link to choose an information security consultant.

CISSP certification

It is the basic certification required to become a Cyber Security Professional. It introduces information security and all aspects of IT security. It provides knowledge on Cryptography OSI and TCPIP models, asset security architecture, and design. It helps professionals understand information technology architectures and implement designs for enhanced computer security and secure handling of company data.

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